• tokbox_news

    Proud to be Partners with TokBox

    Our loveWEBRTCfor WebRTC is being reciprocated

  • Christmas_news

    Santa_newsWe were in News this Christmasright_Bell

    Our Project-" www.talktosanta.com "
    was featured on Fox News this season

    Watch Video

    It's Proud Moment for Team Prologic !!

  • MD_safari

    Custom Healthcare Solutions

    Leverage our telemedicine expertise ! !

    Tailored healthcare solutions that fits your bill

  • KYT

    Responsive / Adaptive Designs

    " Fluidic " design is the future

    Adaptability to various Screens

    - is the key to User Experience

  • Alumonly
  • Intervue

    Online Video Conferencing & e-Learning Solutions

    Come and ride the webRTC wave Screensharing, realtime chat or live recording, we do it ALL

  • Wordpress

    Custom CMS Solution

    Search Engines love wp_logo Wordpress , so do we !

    Let's help you choose

    - the right CMS for your needs

  • Intervue

    We do business with people who Inspire Us

    This inspiration ignites motivation & leads to profitability

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