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Nutrimedy- Nutrition Reimagined
Doocle- Connect with verified medical professionals

Custom Telemedicine Solutions Provider

Telemedicine solutions are convenient, accessible 24x7 & safe healthcare online. Embrace it NOW.

e-Psychiatry- Bespoke Telepsychiatry solution

Innovative Hybrid and Native Mobile Apps

We create cool iOS and Android mobile apps using Cordova, Phonegap and Native technologies.

Tagzie- Buy and Sell on your Instagram feed
Kameleya- Tusibee, Bespoke mobile app
Defeat MSA- Brain Patients support hub
Talk to Santa- live video call with Santa Claus
People Teach Me- Live skill training using tokbox

WebRTC Applications using Tokbox Opentok

Experts in webRTC development using Opentok API for web and mobile applications.

Kameleya- Remote troubleshooting for Shipping industry

Responsive UI- UX Designs for Web and Mobile

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. - Steve Jobs

Sagamore Gymnastics- Gymnastics training in long island
Gist- Video Resume App
Indigo- Stylize your photos with artistic effects
Holos- Natural alternative medicine catalog
Know Your Tutor- Get best tutors, best discounts

IT Consulting and Enterprise Web Solutions

Smart IT Consulting with scalable and innovative technology solutions.

Evueme- Digital Selection Bot

We are a preferred Tokbox application development partner

TokBox provides an industry leading WebRTC API that makes it easy to embed high quality and online video chat, screen sharing, text chat, interactive broadcasting features for web and mobile applications. Prologic Technologies is one of the best Opentok webRTC application development partners for TokBox in India and have successfully delivered over 60 web and mobile applications using various Tokbox features. We have achieved this special qualification because of our proven expertise in building amazing webRTC Opentok applications using TokBox API.

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