Advanced Alexa
Skills and Chatbots

Our Alexa skills and results driven Chatbots uses artificial intelligence that understands customers in context to provide fast, consistent, and accurate answers across any application, device, or channel.

Advanced Alexa Skills, Lexical and Voice Chatbots

We are proficient in design and development of Advanced Alexa Skills and Voice Enabled Chatbots using Amazon Lex and Lambda.

Next Gen Chatbots and Alexa Skills

Our digital solutions and services include design and development of custom lexical and voice chatbots for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Our team has developed chatbots for Customer Service, Virtual Assistants and Lead Generation.

The Next-Gen Bots

With the help of the next generation chatbot, customers not only have conversations but they are also ready to buy from them. It's time to make an investment in a new generation chatbot.

  • Users listen to News on Alexa
    37% Alexa users listens to 2+ hours of NEWS every week
  • Chatbots for business
    65% B2B Companies Use chatbots for their Business
  • Alexa is part of Daily Routine
    72% Alexa users often use it as a part of their Daily Routine
  • Automate Bank Interactions with Chatbots
    80% Of Banks will Automate Interactions with Chatbots by 2022
Custom Web & Mobile Apps

Adept In Voice and Lexical Chatbots

Advanced Lexical and Voice Enabled Chatbots for Web and Mobile

  • Voice Enabled Chatbots using Amazon Lex

  • Lead Generation & Customer Service Chatbots

  • Virtual Office Assistants

We design and develop Lexical and Voice Chatbots for Customer Service, Lead Generation, HealthCare etc. with a focus on Enhanced User Experience.

Amazon Alexa Skills

Advanced Alexa Skills using Amazon Lex, Lambda, S3 and Serverless Deployments

At Prologic Technologies, we have created various Alexa Skills for habit forming, behavioral health, proactive health management.

Custom Web & Mobile Apps

Simplified Digital Solutions

We provide digital solutions based on a comprehensive strategy through our global network of Alexa skills. You can access our range of digital solutions very easily.

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