Next-Gen chatbots are not just lexical but voice enabled. Alexa Skills and Voice controlled apps and even websites are being developed.

We are proficient in design and development of Advanced Alexa Skills and Voice Enabled Chatbots using Amazon Lex and Lambda.

Our digital solutions and services include design and development of custom lexical and voice enabled chatbots for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Our team has developed chatbots for Customer Service, Virtual Assistants and Lead Generation.

Users listen to News on Alexa

37% Alexa users

listens to 2+ hours of NEWS every week

Alexa is part of Daily Routine

72% Alexa users

often use it as a part of their Daily Routine

chatbots for business

65% B2B Companies

Use chatbots for their Business

Automate Bank Interactions with Chatbots

80% Of Banks

will Automate their Interactions with Chatbots by 2022

  • Advanced Alexa Skills using Lambda
  • Voice Enabled Chatbots using Amazon Lex
  • Lead Generation & Customer Service Chatbots
  • Behavioral Health Alexa Skills
  • Virtual Office Assistants

We design and develop various Advanced Alexa Skills and Chatbots using differrent technology stacks like Amazon Lex, Lambda, Alexa Skill Kit, Serverless Deployments, Amazon S3 etc.

At Prologic Technologies, we have created proactive behavioral health Alexa Skills. It uses a combination of Geo-location and complex user defined algorithms at backend.

Amazon Alexa Skills

Advanced Alexa Skills for Amazon Echo

From Simple to Advanced Alexa Skills using Amazon Lex, Lambda, S3 and Serverless Deployments, we do it all.

Our team can help you choose the right Alexa framework per your business needs and optimize its User Experience for better User Engagement.

Amazon Alexa Skills
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Lexical and Voice Enabled Chatbots

Voice Controlled Chatbots for Amazon Echo

Chatbots have evolved a lot and are moving towards voice enabled interactions.

We at Prologic Technologies, design and develop Lexical and Voice Chatbots for Customer Service, Lead Generation, HealthCare etc. with a prime focus on Enhanced User Experience.

Lexical and Voice Enabled Chatbots
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Relevant Works

Amazon Alexa Skills
and Chatbot Applications

View Alexa Skill

MindSpa is a habit forming Advanced Alexa Skill to monitor and help resolve your daily life behavioural issues

Key Features: It regularly checks the progress of subscriber by asking questions at a user- defined frequency. It uses the response data to deliver adaptive content in return. Instructions are in the form of random Practice Tips, Real-life Use Cases, Short Stories, Audio Clips and more.

Habit Forming Alexa Skill, Advanced Alexa Skill, Anger Management, Stress Management, Behavioral Health Management

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Interactive Chatbot for Lead Generation and Service Information with Slack and Mailchimp Integration

Key Features: Integrates with Slack Messenger for better and faster response time. Integrates with Mailchimp. Serverless Deployment on Amazon S3.

Interactive Chatbot, Serverless Chatbot, Recruitment Chatbot, Lead Generation Chatbot

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