5 Signs That Define Poor Website Usability

Website usability

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The variables that make it easy for your visitor to your website to realize their goals are the foundation of website usability. For example, if someone wants to discover your customer service contact information, a website optimized for usability will allow them to do so with as few clicks as possible.


The average website visitor will spend less than one minute looking for information. If it takes more than a minute for your page to load to get what that person is searching for, the visitor will leave and go to a competitor’s website.


There are techniques to identify whether your website is not optimized for usability when you evaluate it. Paying attention to your website’s mechanics will assist increase the amount of time consumers spend looking at your sales content.


Here are some warning indicators that your website’s usability is subpar:

Bad First Impression

bad website usability


For obvious reasons, how your website loads and how you build your home page is one of the most important parts of website usability.


Your background color should be soft and simple to see. To make text easy to read, your font color should always blend smoothly with the background.


Only use animated visuals when absolutely essential. A user may become distracted by moving images, making it harder for them to explore your site.


To add flair to the presentation, several websites utilize front-page animation or integrated videos. Visitors will abandon your website if those parts take more than a few seconds to load.

Poorly Structured Links

poor link structure cause poor website usability


If you link to web pages that are not on your website, make that your links are still functioning at least once a week. Broken links annoy users and deter them from returning to your site.


Your menus should have no more than seven items. If there are more than seven things, the visitor will grow upset and think she will not be able to find what she is searching for.

Cluttered or Excessive Text

excessive text cause poor website usability


Examine your website’s text to check if you’re employing short, to-the-point sentences. Offering data and information in a concise and easy-to-read manner is one approach to keep readers on your site for more than 60 seconds.


Your information is not succinct if your sentences are too long and your paragraphs are longer than two or three sentences. Visitors should not be confused by the text format.


People think that an underlined word on the Internet is a link. For emphasis in your content, use bold or italics, and avoid using underlining for anything other than links.

No Consistency

poor website usability due to no consistency


Users will believe they have landed on a different website if the colors, fonts, pictures, and content on your website are not consistent throughout. Create a page template to provide a consistent display and to alert viewers that they are on your website.


Another aspect of consistency that is sometimes overlooked is information presentation. If you choose to identify your organization with an abbreviation, utilize it across the site.


If you include the postal zip code for your firm address on certain of your website’s pages, provide it each time the address is displayed.


When users become accustomed to viewing specific types of information, employing diverse information formats throughout the site might become befuddling.

Complicated Navigation

complicated navigation


Your website pages should be self-explanatory, and visitors should be able to reach any primary directory page in three website clicks or fewer.


The links on your site should be easy to discover and have meaningful titles. Use common phrases like “contact” and “about” to help visitors easily navigate the information they need.


Focusing on website usability will help you keep and expand your web visitors. When you pay attention to fundamental components of a functional website, you improve the money that your website can earn.


The majority of your audience will interact positively with your site if you design an excellent mobile site.


Websites should be plain, simple, and simple to use. Recognize and fix symptoms of a bad user experience to avoid aggravating your users.


You’ll be able to provide a better, more favorable user experience to your users once you review site for usability.

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