6 Reasons Why UX Matters In 2022

UX matters

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The way users interact with your brand (at any level) is referred to as UX ( User Experience). And yes, UX matters as it encompasses everything from marketing activities like blogs and social media to the online product experience, which includes purchase options, personalization, order fulfillment, customer support, and more. 


Great UX may boost a brand’s credibility, dependability, and quality, whereas poor UX can be detrimental to attracting and retaining new customers. In other words, 88% of consumers believe they are less inclined to return to a website after a terrible encounter.

Reasons Why UX Matters in the Digital World

Increases ROI & Revenue

UX increases ROI & revenue


Every business goal is to earn profit. Actually, profitability is a measure of almost every business. Investing in a well-thought-out user experience can give you a considerable return on investment (ROI). 


To earn sales online (through web & mobile apps) your user experience (UX) must be flawless. A slight change can improve the user experience greatly and demonstrated why UX matters.


This is because if your site is difficult for people to browse or discover what they are looking for, it diminishes their chances of progressing down the sales funnel from browsing to becoming a paying client. 


However, strong UX can improve your conversion rates, and as your conversion rates rise, you can increase your income & profitability.

Enhances Reputation of Brand

UX enhances brand reputation


While strong UX may be taken for granted, bad UX design will not go unnoticed. According to research, customers are significantly more likely to tell their peers about an unpleasant experience than a great one.


Consider well-known trusted websites such as Google, Amazon, and others. They all have one thing in common: they are simple to operate, even for children. When your website or app is easy to use, it establishes your image as a firm that cares about customers.


This encourages people to become brand advocates for your company. Moreover, it’s not just your target audience, but your colleagues in the industry who start buzzing if they are impressed with the user experience of your web product.

Boosts Customer Loyalty

boost customer loyalty


Excellent user experiences boost consumers’ loyalty. Customers that are pleased with your product or service are more likely to become repeat customers & stay loyal to your brand. 


Those who recall their favorable emotions throughout their engagement are inspired to return again in order to have the same great user experience. As a result this makes the process of purchasing products and services more pleasurable.


According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, loyal clients are worth up to ten times their first purchase. There is a 70% probability of selling to a current client & a 20% chance of selling to a potential customer.


Because loyal consumers are more valuable to organizations, winning and retaining them is critical, and a great UX may assist.

Engages User For Longer Duration

engages user for longer duration


The attention span of an average internet user is lesser than that of goldfish – 9 seconds. That makes the initial few seconds of users are loading highly crucial, the experience you provide during these seconds will determine whether or not users going to stay on your website.


One of the most significant and crucial variables, in this case, is user experience. Your website design or product should effectively express your message to visitors in seconds & be user-friendly to maintain the audience’s interest. Otherwise, you risk permanently losing your potential consumers.

Helps To Win Over Competitors

UX lets you win over competitors


Your customers may not adore you if you provide poor service, but your rivals will. So, if you don’t want your competition to steal your consumers, make your website or application more appealing to them by offering a great user experience.


When consumers can’t immediately figure out how to use your website, they’re more likely to quit and go to your competitor’s site than make an effort on yours, especially if your niche market isn’t distinctive. 


The greater competition in your sector, the more important user experience is for your business & the more you should work to deliver it. You must prioritize, convenient UX design, intuitively clear navigation, rapid loading rates, and other user experience components..


The landscape of product design is ever-changing. People’s demands and habits vary throughout time, as do the ways they/we interact with digital goods. As a result, UX design matters and is an essential component of any successful project. 


It enables you to go beyond the surface level and dive deep into your users’ desires and requirements. Which helps in developing a better relationship with them by delivering what they want & need faster & simpler than ever before.

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