7 Web Application Development Trends For 2021

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Web application development trends ought to change every year based on the requirements of users. Therefore it becomes pivotal for decision-makers to get acquainted with the latest trends in order to meet customer expectations.


After analyzing market demands in different fields of IT. We have created a list of the latest web application development trends, that we believe are going to rule in 2021.

Progressive Web Apps

web application development trends


PWA is perhaps the most effective and popular trend in web advancement. It pushes the internet forward making site perusing experience nearer to native applications and, thus, more amicable to clients.


New research shows that mobiles rule over different gadgets like desktops or tablets. Besides, there is a genuine gap between utilizing web applications and web browsers. To be exact, applications represent over 80% of the overall time people spend with their devices.


That is a colossal contrast and PWAs can change the circumstance for the better by troubleshooting issues clients scorn about sites the most: poor experience, slow loading, no offline access.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

web application development trends


Google took innovative steps to upgrade the mobile browsing experience. The organization previously acquainted Accelerated Mobile Pages Project with exposure back in 2015. These days it’s probably the most latest and popular trend of web app development.


What is it?


This technology was made to support building sites that heap quickly and work easily across mobile phones. AMP pages are loaded in around 2 seconds versus non-AMP pages that take around22 seconds.

Voice Search Optimization

web application development trends


Voice search is yet another trend you can’t bear to ignore in 2021. It already has an extraordinary impact on the web and more is yet to come. As indicated by Gartner, about 30% of all the online searches will be managed without utilizing a screen by the end of 2021. Also, the number of smart speakers is rising year over year. And research shows that there will be about 21.4 million of them in the United States by 2021.


Therefore, voice commerce  expected to grow drastically and reach $5 billion in the UK and $40 billion in the US by 2022.

API-First Development

API-first development


The latest trends in website development recommend that web applications must be solid and steady for connectivity with different applications. It’s nothing surprising thinking about the rise of mobiles, wearables, and different gadgets that ought to incorporate into each other. That is the place where the propensity for API-first improvement approach comes from.

Push Notifications

push notifications


Message pop-ups are an amazing asset for upgrading the user experience and advertising endeavors of the organization. Despite mobile applications customarily have solid and adaptable capacities for client notices, web applications acquire momentum here too.


Message pop-ups play a significant role in conveying distinctive data to clients. This is conceivable without a need to enroll and leave info like email. This gives extra channels for organizations to communicate with their intended interest group and accommodates extra promoting openings.

AI-powered Chatbots

web application development trends


Countless organizations work across various time regions and have a presence in different countries. Managing such huge business operations would require 24/7 customer support which could be quite a hard and costly task

Web development trends in recent years unquestionably move towards automated & instant customer support. Therefore, chatbots controlled with AI can be a commendable long-haul venture for this reason. They can answer FAQs, associate with thought human customer executives, take a request, etc.

Motion UI

motion UI


Each product endeavors to be as much engaging and appealing as it could be. Motion UI library is an ideal answer for catching clients’ attention & consideration. However, it’s adaptable enough and works with any JavaScrip form which makes it an extraordinary alternative for some use cases.

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