Advantages of Custom Telemedicine Platforms

Telemedicine custom platform

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What are Custom Telemedicine Platforms?

Custom Telemedicine platforms, a.k.Telehealth platforms are Telemedicine software applications that are customized for a specific specialty like TelePsychiatry, TeleNutrition, TeleOrthopedics, etc.

With the widespread use of Telemedicine Platforms and Apps in recent times. Demand for customized Telemedicine or Telehealth applications is increasing. Every practice/ specialty has different needs and procedures thus same Telehealth software doesn’t fit well for everyone. Security objectives like HIPAA Compliance, Protected Health Data aka PHI, Data Exchange and more can be effectively fulfilled

One Size doesn’t fit all

Although, some features like Video Calling between patient and doctor, Appointment booking, Doctor Search etc. are more or less similar yet some features e.g. DICOM/ OHIF viewer, doctor license verification, diet charts, proactive behavior management, etc. are specialty-specific.

Here we will discuss some advantages of having Custom Telemedicine platforms or Telehealth Solutions over their off- the- shelf counterparts and how they can benefit specialty-specific Telemedicine practice:

1. Relevant Workflows

Since each specialty practice business has different needs and processes. Thus, the flows require bespoke workflows to run their operations effectively. Custom Telehealth Solutions have an edge when it comes to designing and implementing custom workflows specific to a specialty practice.

Thus having relevant data fields, bespoke availability and appointment booking process,makes it easier to run daily operations smoothly.

2. Increased Efficiency

The more customized processes are for a specialty, the better its efficiency. Off the shelf, Telemedicine Softwares have generic forms and workflows for users. However, it would be more efficient to have workflows, forms, processes specific to a specialty. For instance, Psychiatry or Diet Consultant or Orthopedic etc.

Keeping only what is relevant for a given specialty makes the Telemedicine Platforms for usable and less confusing.

3. Better Managed Reporting

With everything customized in a Telemedicine Platform or Telehealth App, reporting thus becomes a lot more relevant and better tracked. You can have better and more specific reports your specialty needs, for day to day operations, payment monitoring, user management.

4. Efficient Compliance

Each specialty has its own regulations, credentialing and compliance protocols. In other words, a specialty specific custom Telemedicine Platform can handle compliance like HIPAA, State License, Insurance Co-pay etc. in a better and efficient manner.

Therefore its much easier to manage regulatory compliance for a single specialty Telemedicine practice in contrast to multi- specialty practices.

5. Effective PHI data management

Different Specialties have different ways to manage their patient’s health information. There are different parameters for a given patient and they vary a lot per specialty type. Therefore a bespoke Telemedicine solution or Telehealth platform can better cater to PHI data.


Best Tech Stack For Custom Telemedicine platform Development

Now, let’s walk through the technology stack that is applicable to develop the best telemedicine apps. However, these apps are built on react native and nodes programming language with the assistance of WebRTC technology.

Besides, there are other types of tech stack as well used to develop telemedicine platforms.

  • WebRTC

WebRTC is an open-source technology available for every browser and native apps on Android and ios. It uses a peer-to-peer connection to enable communication, be it a video, text, or voice.

  • EMRs and EHRs

Electronic medical record & electronic health record are the technologies helps in storing and retrieving patients data. In a nutshell, its the digital version of a patient’s paper record. They provide instant and accurate information to authorized users.

  • IVR

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is a technology that allows a pre-recorded message to interact with the user. When users call they hear a computer-generated voice to which they can reply using the keypad.

  • Google fit and Apple health kit

Google fit is a health-tracking platform developed by Google for Android operating system. Though recently they have made it available for iOS too. Whereas, apple health kit is developed only for iOS devices. Both platforms can be used to develop telehealth applications.


Custom Telemedicine Platforms or Telehealth Solutions are always a better bet against their Counterparts.Therefore, Specific workflows, data forms, payment processing and effective reporting definitely has a edge over some ready made generic Telemedicine Solutions.

Moreover, further enhancements and additions are quite flexible to handle in a bespoke Telemedicine Software with a flexibility of switching on/ off certain third party components, as and when needed.



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