Artificial Intelligence – Risks & benefits

Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence is among the most evolving technologies of the decade. It was invented by John McCarthy in 1950.


Artificial Intelligence allows machines to perform human-like tasks more accurately and efficiently. AI along with Machine learning, Deep learning, natural language processing provides enormous amounts of benefits to industries.


“Everything we appreciate about civilization is a result of Intelligence”


According to the Global Artificial Intelligence Technology market, total revenue of $126 billion is estimated by 2025.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

It would be no brainer to say, AI has positive impacts and various industries are reaping advantages of it. Various organizations have already integrated the use of AI to bring transformation to the business processes.

Reduction in Human Error

reduction in human error


With humans come errors, however, computers on the other hand make no mistakes if programmed correctly. In Artificial intelligence, the decisions are based on the gathered information and a set of applied algorithms. So chances of errors are reduced and chances of reaching accuracy increases.

24/7 Availability


Artificial Intelligence

On average, a human body can work 7-8 hours a day excluding breaks. We, humans, are built in such a way that we require some time to get ready for work the next day. Whereas a machine can work 24/7and won’t require a single break also machines don’t get bored like humans.

AI Can Take Risks

Artificial Intelligence


This one is among the most crucial benefits of artificial intelligence. Since machines have no feelings, they can be used to perform risky tasks for us like going to space, diffuse bombs, research deep oceans, and during natural disasters.

Can Perform Repetitive Tasks

Artificial Intelligence


Our everyday life is surrounded by numerous repetitive tasks like sending a thank you email, cleaning, verifying documents, etc.
With the help of artificial intelligence, now these mundane tasks can be automated, providing humans with much free time to work on creativity.

Faster Decision

fast decisions


Artificial Intelligence integrated with other technologies would help in making faster decisions. While a human considers numerous factors before making a decision, artificial intelligence functions according to how it’s programmed and delivers results faster.


Risks of Artificial Intelligence

Like every coin has two sides, Artificial Intelligence comes with its other (Dark) side as well. Though AI comes with numerous benefits, misusing can lead to dreadful results

Misuse Can Lead to Threat

Artificial Intelligence


With the increasing demand for AI technologies, concerns on how it can harm humanity are also arising. For example, AI-powered autonomous weapons can lead to mass destruction if provided in the wrong hands.

Reduces Employment

reduced unemployement


With artificial intelligence and machine learning, it’s easy to automate monotonous tasks. That’s certainly going to obsolete some jobs that require repetitive tasks like customer service, content moderation, document verification, etc.
The same threat lies in the people working in the Manufacturing industry. A robot is much more capable to effectively and easily navigate space, search and move objects, and perform complex operations

Cost of AI Platforms Are high

high cost AI


Not only the development of AI systems requires immense cost but also maintaining them requires enormous amounts.
AI-powered machines include in-build software programs to function. This in-built software requires timely up-gradation to provide optimal results. In case of any severe breakdown of the machine, the code rejuvenation will require an extra amount of money and time.

Lacking “Out of the Box Thinking”

Artificial Intelligence


AI machines can’t think out of the box like humans, their intelligence is limited to what they are programmed to do. Though they can perform tasks much faster and efficiently than a human, AI machines can’t match the power of human intelligence.


Every new technology or invention comes with both merits and demerits. AI is no exemption. It certainly has massive potential advantages. However, humans need to make sure that the “Rise of Robots” doesn’t go out of control. According to professionals, rise of artificial intelligence can harm human civilization, yet no application has made it that far till now.

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