Benefits of Responsive Web Design in Your Business

Responsive Web Design

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Internet has become the greatest source of information, most individuals prefer to browse it to find various types of information. Thus having a robust online presence is essential for any business to survive in this competitive market. With the increasing demand for mobile phones and tablets among the people, it becomes pivotal to have a responsive web design that works perfectly across every device.


Responsive Design is a process that allows websites to have a fluid layout that adjusts itself to a screen of any size.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is an approach that allows design & development to respond according to the user’s behavior, screen size, & platform.


It contains a mix of flexible grids & layouts. Before, when responsive design was not famous, designers used to make a “Desktop Version” & a “Mobile Version” of the same website. However, this approach couldn’t catch up with the efficiency and less-complexity of responsive design.


Responsive web design brings several benefits for business, we have listed some of them below:


Improved SEO


Design of a website & search engine optimization works hand-to-hand. It’s very important for businesses to understand the worth of SEO in the web design process. An SEO Friendly website tends to bring Organic traffic. Your website may be drizzling & engaging but if it’s not SEO friendly then you are restricting it to reap the benefits of capabilities of major search engines to locate your content.


When your Website is Responsive it tends to decrease the bounce rate and improve site usability. Time invested by users on your webpages is a key factor to rank your website by google.


A website for all users


Content is king still holds true in online marketplace. But when the content doesn’t reach your target audience it holds no value.


Not having a responsive website can restrict you from having reach on a large number of audiences using either a tablet computer, iPad, or mobile phones to access the Web. Therefore, it becomes important for your business to have a responsive website that works perfectly across every device.


It might be costly to opt for having a responsive website but it certainly going to increase your company’s visibility as it would work on every device and widen your range.


Increase Sales and Conversion rates


Another advantage of responsive design is that client has an improved site understanding as there is no requirement for redirection. Utilization of normalized Templates (CSS) across gadgets and a unified design approach will likewise make a reliable look and feel.


Steady client experience will positively affect your conversion rates as users know about route and site or framework use across gadgets. Responsive plan eliminates barriers that having multiple sites can have in present, let’s say, in usefulness, execution, and steady look and feel.


Centralize your analytics and reporting


A single responsive site implies that you no longer need to follow client journey, Conversion rate, channels, and redirections between your websites. Site examination apparatuses like Google Analytics are presently upgraded to deal with various gadgets.


All your tracking and analytics across multiple devices can be condensed into single report, allowing you easy and simple monitoring.


Save Time and Cost on Site development/ management

save time n cost


Taking less time in the development process comparing that of developing a separate stand-alone mobile app is the primary advantage of responsive design. Moreover, clients will find it much easier to manage just one version of website for every device.


Opting for responsive design might hurt your pocket but will be highly satisfied with your choice in the long run. Developing separate websites and managing them both are completely different scenarios. As websites require timely upgradation, managing multiple websites can be hectic and surely very costly.



Responsive plan assists you to stay ahead in the marketplace. As the interest for media-rich mobile and web and applications is constantly increasing, a few significant ramifications must be addressed; development and support costs, better visibility in search engines, and high conversion rates.


With the expansion in sales of tablets and mobile devices, responsive design becomes critical to keep up in front of your rivals and set market share. The trend of responsive design is amazing and inevitable to stay in the market for the long run.


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