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Importance of User Experience Design

Importance of User Experience in Web and Mobile Applications

By Rajiv Sikka In Design Thinking, Digital Mobility, UI UX Designs, Web Engineering

  Did you ever wonder why your optimally programmed and great looking web and mobile applications failed to kick- off?  Why your mobile app, despite of being built over the latest cutting edge technology, has very few or no downloads? Why clients often go for multiple rounds of Re-doing the web or mobile application based on User feedback? All above points to the need of having a…

responsive web design

Responsive Web Design is a necessity

By Shweta Bhakuni In Design Thinking, Digital Mobility, UI UX Designs

Responsive web design is gaining popularity due to rise of mobile culture. If your website is not accessible on smart phone or tab then don’t expect users to ever come back to your website again. While designing a responsive website the layout has to be managed for all device types and major screen sizes. This flexibility is achieved using UI UX frameworks like bootstrap or…