WebRTC stands for web real-time communication. It’s an open source peer to peer technology and supported by Google, Microsoft, Opera and Mozilla. Service providers like Tokbox and VSee improvised webRTC by enhancing it’s capabilities and launched their own commercial versions. With Skype, UberConference and Google Duo using webRTC, it’s evidently the future of communication. Stay tuned to this blog for latest developments in WebRTC.

WebRTC Application Development

WebRTC Application Development in India

By Raman Kumar In WebRTC

It all started about 6 years ago when the internet giants Google, Microsoft, Opera and Mozilla gave birth to a child named “WebRTC” with a mission to enable rich, high-quality real-time communication channels to be developed for web browser, mobile platforms, and IoT devices and allow them all to communicate via a common set of protocols. WebRTC’s major components include: Get User Media – allowing…

Best TokBox WebRTC Application Development Services

Advantages of WebRTC application development

By Rajiv Sikka In News and Events, WebRTC

It all started with command line messaging, then text chat took over and now it has evolved into real time audio-video chat and its is being considered as one of the most preferred ways of online communication. There are many corporate companies and enterprises which are looking for professional Tokbox WebRTC solution providers to incorporate audio/video chat in their official websites. We at Prologic Technologies…