How AI Can Transform Mobile App

How AI Can Transform Mobile App

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Artificial Intelligence, since its inception, has created a significant disruption in almost every industry. Mobile application industry is no different, it has evolved and showed continuous improvements with the help of latest technologies including artificial Intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence accumulates the user’s behavior and analyzes them to provide more personalized services and recommendations to the users.


AI has become an integral part of mobile app development, let’s have a look at how AI can transform mobile apps.


Smart Reply

How AI Can Transform Mobile App


Smart reply is an amazing feature that provides pre-written texts based on machine learning. It allows us to communicate and reply with the least possible interaction with the keypad.


Most of the time phrases and sentences suggested by AI are appropriate & highly relevant. Therefore, this feature has been praised by people all around the globe as it brings such high levels of convenience to our daily life and saves interaction time.


How AI Can Transform Mobile App


Providing personalized services and recommendations is also an AI-driven service. AI has become so strong that it can accurately predict every move of the customers. As we have mentioned above, AI accumulates user’s moves and predictive analysis to provide more personalized services to users.


A well-known example of AI-driven recommendation is “Netflix”. As it recommends videos based on your previously watched videos and interest.


The businesses that want to provide a better experience to the customers must provide AI-driven personalized services.

Speech Recognition


How AI Can Transform Mobile App

Speech Recognition is another important aspect of Artificial Intelligence that may already be found in many available applications. This innovative technology can translate human speech into a language that can be easily interpreted by computers.


However, sometimes it becomes cumbersome to type a long sentence, using speech recognition capabilities you can make your application independent and provide hand-free interaction to users


Benefits of Voice-Based Mobile Apps


  • Easier & faster
  • Works Precisely
  • Secure and reliable




Chatbots are just computer algorithms that we use to interact with the brand. They are considered highly Smart & advanced for their capability to provide personalized replies. Additionally, they communicate with users and other Chatbots in the way real-world communication takes place.

Having a Chatbot at your disposal will allow you to provide customers with exceptional user experience. Also, users will appreciate it as their queries and concerns will get replied promptly.


Benefits of Chatbots


  • Engage Customers
  • Improve Conversion Rate
  • Cutdown Operation Cost
  • Work Round-The-Clock
  • Improve User Experience
  • Build Trust with Customers

Face Detection


How AI Can Transform Mobile App

Face detection is yet another innovative technology based on Artificial Intelligence. It’s a technology that detects human faces with the help of biometrics.


Facial Detection or Recognition with the help of Artificial Intelligence analyzes the human face in a much better way. This technology applies an input to the database of faces to determine the most accurate match.


The feature of face recognition helps to improve the security level of mobile applications of both Android and IOS.

Text Recognition

text recognition


The feature of text recognition allows interpreting text from media files such as audio and video. Though, only a handful of companies in the gaming sector have integrated this feature into their mobile application.


Text recognition feature additionally helps to develop video transcription applications in near future.

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