How to Become a Better UX Designer

become a better UX designer

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The field of UX is ever-evolving and one challenge to be good at UX is continuous improvement. As UX determines the fate of your product to a much extent, it becomes necessary for all UX designers to update themself with the latest trends and technologies on regular basis.


To help you become a better UX designer. We have shared some habits that eventually will turn you into a better UX designer

Setting Design Goals For Yourself


Become a Better UX designer

We all will agree on the fact that designing is learned. It’s a continuous process of learning, implementing, and improving yourself. And in order to be better, you must perform this process effectively by setting your design goals.


Having a clear vision of your goal is essential, in order to prevent yourself from entering the endless sea of possibilities. Another major thing is to push yourself and set challenging goals, which eventually will help in improving productivity

Practice Active Listening

become a better UX designer


Learning is a crucial aspect of becoming a better UX designer. Perhaps the most ideal approach to learn is listening. It can be categorized into two principal classifications: passive and active. Passive listening happens when the recipient of the message has little inspiration to listen cautiously. The sender may imagine that she’s listening to the message just to look affable.


Active listening is a strategy that necessitates that the audience completely concentrates, comprehend, reacts, and later recalls what is being said. Active listening is the key component that makes communication effective.

Build Storytelling Skills

Become a Better UX designer


Communication is the key component of the designing process. At the point when you are dealing with a product, you need to convey your design choices in some ways.


“What makes a designer fruitful isn’t the capacity to make pleasant looking work — it’s the capacity to communicate viably.”


Perhaps the most ideal approach to convey your thoughts and feelings is through a story. The best designs come from projects where the whole team truly comprehends the story behind the end product. That is the reason narrating is a fundamental ability for UX designers. By sharing stories you’ll improve opportunities to captivate your audience.


Avoid Using Jargon


avoid jagron

The manner in which you converse with others is essential. At the point when you use jargon consistently, you fabricate an unfortunate habit. At the point when others don’t comprehend what you’re saying, it causes misinformation and confusion. Furthermore, this habit can affect communication both inside, your team and with your clients:


Many people don’t use the specialized terms that UX designers use. They haven’t known about heuristics or cognitive load. That is the reason when you talk with non-UX peers,  you must use straightforward words to portray complex things.

Learn to Sketch

Become a Better UX designer


Everyone needs to make something that resembles the end result as early as could be expected. That is the reason we frequently skip pen and paper and start with advanced prototyping. However, digital products may limit our imagination. That is the reason one of the essential principles of UX designing is “Pens before Pixels”


Using pen and paper to ideate and test plans will save you a ton of time. It will be a lot simpler to proceed with the work when you shift to the computer.


Likewise, certain design issues are best settled by outlining. For instance, during meetings to generate new ideas, it’s a lot simpler to communicate your thoughts through portraying than by using plain words.

Welcome Constructive Criticism


Become a Better UX designer

Let’s accept the fact that deep down most of us are scared of criticism. Indeed, it very well may be distressing to hear that our work isn’t awesome, particularly when we put a great deal of time into it. However, taking a gander at your own work is significant in light of the fact that


You’re not designing for yourself, you’re designing for your audience


Along these lines, let go of your conscience and quit defending your work. Keep in mind, there are more things to analyze when we commit errors than when we get everything right. Taking input and productive analysis isn’t fun, however, it’s the best way to improve your abilities and make yourself a superior UX designer.


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