How to Develop a HIPAA-compliant Telemedicine Software?

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The process of developing a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine software is a very painstaking, business analysis heavy process.  HIPAA complaint provides guidelines for safeguarding patient medical data. 



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With its help, healthcare organizations can maintain sensitive data and avoid any high fines or reputational damage. In this blog we will share the process of creating a HIPAA compliant telemedicine software based on our experience.



In 1996, US President Bill Clinton signed HIPAA, a series of rules and regulations that protect sensitive medical data. This was an important step for the software company and the security of online data.



Protected health information (PHI) that falls under HIPAA’s authority to protect the identification of a patient or client. Examples of PHI are names, phone numbers, addresses . 



When any telemedicine platform deals with HIPAA compliance, it has to keep in mind three major rules.


  • Authorized users can access ePHI.
  • Implement a score communication system to maintain the integrity of ePHI.
  • Monitor EPHI communication systems to prevent accidental and malicious breaches .


Tips to Develop a HIPAA-compliant Telemedicine Software : 



Creating HIPAA compliant telemedicine software is a critical and nuanced process. Which requires business analysis experts and research. Different software may have different approaches, but some HIPAA complaint tips are universal that are essential for every healthcare application. Have a look



Encryption in HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine Software:




The first and foremost step when developing HIPAA telemedicine solutions is reliable data encryption for both:


  • Transmission of data
  • Storage of Data



Data encryption is the most important step in information protection. If you have implemented reliable data encryption no one can exploit your information, either they have access to your information on this software.



Today almost all healthcare organizations are facilitating treatment through audio video conferencing so it becomes imperative to follow a proper data encryption. A well-implemented encryption does not affect the app’s performance.



Secure connection : 




Encryption is a very important aspect but it is not sufficient to protect sensitive data. Square connection is another super important aspect for HIPAA compliant telemedicine software. So patient and physician communication should be performed through score in app connection like sms, skype, email etc. 



Some companies also offer certain security agreements. For example, Microsoft provides BAA (business associate agreement) to doctors. But this agreement has an additional cost. So having a secure in-app connection is very important for a telemedicine platform.



Storing data properly : 


Data sorting


The third important step is that you don’t store data that doesn’t need to be stored. There is some temporary information that will not be needed in the future, so there is no need to store that information. 



As some test results diminish after some time. This platform do not store the information of the patients, who have passed out and who are no longer receiving your services.



Deleting redundant information will not fill up the storage of the software, you will have a fourth data which you can comfortably maintain. 



Sometimes due to bugs in the system, through poor management, due to lack of back end architecture, duplicate data is also restored, which needs to be deleted on time.



Another important point of data storage is to build flexible and reliable user rules, so that only specific employees can access the data. This is the universal rule for storing sensitive personal data.



Educating workers : 


HIPAA Compliant telemedicine Software
secure working education system


After storing data, your last step is to educate your employees to use the new software and make them aware of data protection responsibilities. 



When a new worker joins your health organization, they need a better mentor who can give them a thorough understanding of the sensitivities and dangers of software and digital healthcare. 



If you spend two weeks educating your employees, it will be a good investment for your future. 



Different telemedicine platforms have their own unique features, so it is very important that you give your new employees proper training on all these features so that they can use them effectively.



Conclusion : 



This set of tips provided to you above is a set of tips prepared after a long research which will help you to create a secured, reliable, HIPAA-Compliant telemedicine software. 



The foundation of HIPAA Compliant software starts with planning development. Business analysts, software developers, Q & A professionals work together to create a blueprint for the future system. Afterwards, it all depends on dedication and experience.



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