How to Segment Email list For Better ROI

segment email list

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Sending an email to your complete email list is probably the biggest mistake any business could make. Not every subscriber or customer is alike and usually, an email list comprises potential customers, loyal customers, Inactive customers, etc. Furthermore, not every customer would be interested in all products.


So whether you should send the same email to every subscriber?


Of course not.


“Whether you are just starting or planning your next big campaign, an effective email marketing strategy can do wonders for your business”


The solution is to segment users into different groups based on several factors. Below we have mentioned a few ways to segment email lists effectively.


demographics to segment email list


Probably the easiest approach to segment your email list is by demographics, like sex, age, occupation, language, industry, or geographic area. You can personalize your copy, offers, and product recommendation to clients contingent upon each group’s interest, make your email more meaningful to users.


For instance, if you have customers in the Netherlands, you could offer a kind of product that is bound to engage them than to customers in Germany. You can collect this data while users subscribe to your email in exchange for discounts or usable content.

New Subscribers

new subscriber list


You may likewise need to consider segmenting your email list by how recently the user has subscribed. New users will probably be keen on becoming familiar with your brand, so it would be a smart decision to set up an onboarding email that interests and engages users.


You’ll have to update your email list regularly. Ensure an automated process for updating email lists whenever a new user subscribes. Contingent upon the email marketing tool you use, you may likewise set up a process to eliminate users after a certain period of time.

Satisfaction Level

satisfaction of clients


Regardless of how hard we try, no business will accomplish a 100% consumer satisfaction rate.  Sending cheerful, carefree messages to disappointed clients can leave them feeling baffled and unheard.


Make use of your customer satisfaction stats to segment your email. In case a user had a bad experience with you in past, send emails that show transparency and your will to correct past mistakes.

Past Purchases

purchasing history


The best source of information about clients lies in their purchasing history. It provides you a brief of all issues the client has, what they’re keen on, and how frequently they buy from you. Past purchases can be an astounding way to segment your email list for more personalized email.


It’s always better to suggest products related to what the user has purchased in past? Additionally, purchasing history lets you determine the budget or purchasing capacity of customers. In case they have purchased several times, you should often email to keep them updated about your products.

Location in Your Funnel

sales funnel for segment your email list


When a lead first connects with your business, he/ she should move into a funnel intended to direct them to make a purchase. Sales funnel is responsible for guiding users. Yet, how you reach a user ought to fluctuate contingent upon where they are in that funnel.


Customize your email list depending on where clients are in your sales pipeline. In case that they’ve recently started to search your products, send them messages focused on ways your products can tackle their issues. In case they’re in the thought stage,

manners in which your items can tackle their issues. In case they’re in the thinking stage, consider sending them discounts, offers, or VIP benefits.


Email segmentation is an amazing way to provide a customized experience to your users. You can target them by sending the messages they need to hear at the time. This can significantly improve customer experience and keep your business flourishing.

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