Importance of User Experience in Web and Mobile Applications

Importance of User Experience Design

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Did you ever wonder why your optimally programmed and great looking web and mobile applications failed to kick- off?

Why your mobile app, despite of being built over the latest cutting edge technology, has very few or no downloads?

Why clients often go for multiple rounds of Re-doing the web or mobile application based on User feedback?

All above factors point towards a poor User Experience

User Experience (UX) is considered the heart of any product/ service

User Experience (UX) is often confused with User Interface (UI) and is considered a synonym for look and feel of a Digital Web or Mobile applications. Even during the development and design process, the team is more focused on delivering a better looking product instead of meaningful and useful one. Infact, by the time product reaches end user its fate has been already decided based on how useful and intuitive design it has.

End user at this stage will just validate its usefulness and categorize it as a good or bad product. Had we realized the importance of User Experience much earlier (preferably, since beginning), we would have much more control over product’s destiny.

70% Users will never return to a Website/App, if they have a Bad User Experience (UX)

User Experience Design MUST be a part of product life cycle since beginning, especially when we talk about designing a digital products like Web Application or Mobile Application. We need to decide the workflows, language of text/ messages, appropriate colors, CTA and various other touch points by understanding the needs of our target audience/ end user.

Since all digital products are finally to be used by a human user; understanding how human mind functions and its needs can give us better insights on how to design a more meaningful and engaging product and reduce its chances of failure, when it goes to the market.

75% B2C App and Website Company’s #1 Priority is creating Engaging Content for users

There is no doubt why such a huge number of digital companies are prioritizing creation of engaging content over brand and price. One of the key success factors for any Product or Service is that it must understand the user’s pain points and eliminate those with an easy to use and human-centric approach i.e. It must be Designed for Humans.

Considering the resourcefulness and customer centric approach since beginning of the product design can really make a difference to your product and can deliver joyful UX Experiences.

As a matter of fact evolution of a cordless phone (with push button dial-pad) in 1970’s to a single button iPhone of 1990’s was a consequences of nothing else but fulfilling user’s needs and creating an elevated User Experience.

Let’s embark upon a journey to creating usable and meaningful products and Engaging User Experiences for our Digital Products.

Tips to Improve UI/UX of Your App

Working on a few factors you can increase the user experience of your application. Some of those factors are mentioned below:

    • Maintain Uniformity

      It’s better to keep the design of your app uniform throughout the app. Doing so allows users to find familiarity within the app and easy to use. Uniformity in design must not be limited to icons and buttons but also color and pattern be the same.

    • High loading speed

      Loading speed is one of the most important aspects of UX design. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, you are probably going to lose a potential customer. Customers choose to opt for applications and sites with shorter loading span. Higher the loading time obtains higher bounce rate.

    • Use of Conventional Elements

      Using the simple and conventional elements helps customers to use the app seamlessly without any confusion. Elements Such as buttons,symbols and items must be used in the same way as they are designed in most of the apps. The less confused customer will get the higher chances for your application to be successful.

    • Make it as interactive as possible

      Try to make your app as interactive as possible so users can get connected with it easily. Users should feel the freedom of navigating from one window to another seamlessly.

    • Keep design simple and normal

      You must keep the design of your application very simple and straightforward. Users must not get confused while navigating your application. The aim of your app should be to provide maximum results to users with minimum number of input.


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