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IntervueLive is an Online Live Video Interviews Platform that can be considered as a “Virtual Walk- in Interview”.

It works like a typical Walk-in Interview scenario where candidates can RSVP a scheduled online interview to book their seat in that session. The Recruiter on other hand views the lined- up candidates and have a live video call with each for about 7-10 minutes, Shortlists or Pass a candidate and after the session ends, receives an automated mail with resumes of shortlisted candidates.

Digital media has grown in diverse proportions resulting in prosperity of society with the advent of technology. Immense success in technological fields and various software inventions day by day have added a new layer of meaning to the entire socio- economic eco- system.

Online Live Video Interviews have become a trend recently. It is more convenient to conduct interview through video chat instead of having candidates and recruiters travel across different parts of the country to conduct / appear for interviews. We surveyed a considerable sample of recruiters and candidates about their views when they conduct / appear for a traditional face to face interview at a pre-defined venue. Here is what we found:


  1. Comfort Level: They said “We are obviously more comfortable appearing for test/ interview at a known place like Our Home, Garden, Pool Area (smile). It Feels like at Home!!”
  2. Travel and Accommodation Issues: They were of the opinion “We would avoid appearing for initial rounds of interviews at a venue out of city bounds. Its a lot of hassle to travel and tiring by the time you reach the venue. Paying for accommodation out of pocket is a big NO.”
  3. Timing: “We often get late in searching the venue especially if its out of city. It obviously doesn’t give a good impression to HR”, is what they said.
  4. Free to use: Its completely FREE for candidates. NO Fee, NO Credit Card required to appear for an Interview.

So the traditional Face to Face/Walk- in interviews get an overall rating of “Troublesome and Expensive” by most of candidates. Let’s see what Recruiters have to say 😀 .


  1. Comfort Level: “I’m obviously more comfortable, confident and authoritative conducting interviews in my own office”, says a senior recruiter.
  2. Travel, Accommodation and Venue Bookings: When we asked this to different professionals, we got mixed reponses. e.g. “Me and my team enjoys traveling and staying in luxury hotels”, says a top corporate Recruiter/ HR. “What a waste of money, hectic, staying away from family over the weekends”, was a reply from dejected owner/ founder of an SME.
  3. Timing: Most of the Recruiters/ HR agree that if there is a tool that can let them manage the time of interview it would REALLY, REALLY make their lives easier and better manage their priorities. “Walk- ins and Out of City interviews have a fixed date and its frustrating for Senior Managers like me to leave other high priority tasks in middle to conduct walk- ins.” says a top level HR Manager.

Again a poor rating for “Traditional face to face Interviews”.

Now here is the Good News 🙂 !!

We researched, questioned and surveyed several college graduates, experienced job seekers, freshmen, recruitment experts/ HR from different verticals, startups to high level corporate, head hunters and came up with an INNOVATIVE USE CASE scenario, which we call- IntervueLIVE

Let’s conclude with the benefits this Online Live Video Interviews platform brings to both Candidates and Recruiters.

How Online Live Video Interviews Benefits for Candidates:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Venue of their choice (bean bag, pool side table, their study room)
  3. No fear of getting late because you will be pushed to the end of queue
  4. ZERO travel and accommodation expenses
  5. Appear for any interview across the globe
  6. No software installation required. You can use your favorite browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer)
  7. Its FREE to appear for any Intervue.

How Online Live Video Interviews Benefits for Recruiters:

  1. Easy and Quick to host a session with reschedule/ copy features
  2. Access talent across the globe without stepping out of office
  3. ZERO travel and accommodation expenses
  4. Integrated statistics and resume management
  5. Cut down time-wasting candidates by conducting a pre-screening session
  6. No software installation required. You can use your favorite browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer)
    and YES, its FREE (for a limited period)

This innovative platform is a MUST try and experience how it can drastically cut down your recruitment/ job search expenses.

IntervueLive is a technology product owned and operated by Prologic Technologies, an India based IT Consultancy and Software Development firm. For 5 years we are proud to have worked with clients from the US, UK, Spain, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, and many more countries and have successfully delivered over 1500 innovative and advanced software solutions. Since a year, Prologic Technologies is proactively involved in out- of- box solutions for Telemedicine/ Healthcare, Online Interviews using webRTC, webrtc based video conferencing and Commercializing Social Media Platforms. If you have an idea, feel free to schedule a meeting with us and we can help you bring it to life.



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