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Global startup collaboration summit: Startup opportunities in Tokyo 2024


Prologic Technologies is thrilled to announce our participation in SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024. As innovators in technology, we look forward to engaging with fellow startups, investors, and industry leaders to explore opportunities, foster collaborations, and drive impactful innovation in Tokyo and beyond.


SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 Global Startup Program is Japan’s premier innovation conference, fostering open innovation and collaboration to address common urban challenges. Organized by the Strategy Promotion Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, this event aims to create sustainable solutions through the integration of cutting-edge technology and diverse ideas.

Event Overview

Scheduled for May 15th to May 16th, 2024, the event will take place at the Tokyo Big Site West Exhibition Building. With a hybrid venue and online presence, it will accommodate a diverse range of stakeholders, including startups, investors, corporations, and student entrepreneurs. The program includes keynote sessions, booth exhibitions, and business matching opportunities.

Theme and Objectives

SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 focuses on leveraging innovation to address pressing urban issues such as population growth, environmental sustainability, and infrastructure modernization. By fostering “unexplored encounters” between local and global startup ecosystems, the event aims to create new sustainable value and promote social and economic impact.

Scale and Participants

Anticipating over 40,000 participants, both online and offline, and featuring over 400 exhibiting startup companies, SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 promises to be Asia’s largest innovation conference. With more than 4,000 startup participants expected to attend, the event will facilitate meaningful connections and collaborations among industry stakeholders.

Strategic partnerships


Key highlights of the event include insightful keynote sessions delivered by industry leaders, engaging booth exhibitions showcasing innovative solutions, and targeted business matching opportunities for startups and investors. These activities aim to catalyze collaboration and drive the development of impactful solutions for urban challenges.

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SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 Global Startup Program stands as a testament to Tokyo’s commitment to fostering innovation and driving sustainable development. By bringing together diverse stakeholders and facilitating meaningful collaborations, the event is poised to make a significant contribution to addressing urban challenges and creating a brighter future for communities worldwide.

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