Prologic Technologies among Top Web Development Companies 2019 by Clutch

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Prologic Technologies is excited to announce that we have been recognized by Clutch as one of the Top Web Development Companies in India for 2019 out of 891 companies that were featured in this annual report. Prologic Technologies is a trusted digital agency for bespoke software solutions and services in #Web #Mobile #Telemedicine and more. We ideate, design and develop user centered custom digital solutions…

Multiple system atrophy

Global Online Support Hub (GOSH) For MSA

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Defeat MSA, a 501 (c) (3) Public Non-Profit based in the US, is pleased to announce the official launch of the GLOBAL ONLINE SUPPORT HUB (GOSH), a new free video-chat platform for patients with neurological diseases. The Global Hub is thought to be the first independent video chat platform designed for people with brain diseases like Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). Multiple system atrophy (MSA), also known as Shy–Drager syndrome,…


MindSpa Advanced Alexa Skill to Manage Behavioral Issues

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Amazon Alexa, can help build natural voice experiences that offer customers a more intuitive way to interact with the technology they use every day. Alexa skills can simplify almost any imaginable task through voice commands. Inspired by this we developed a skill- MindSpa. The lifestyle of an average person has more problems than solutions; majority of them are psychological and due to our behavioural inability…

Importance of User Experience Design

Importance of User Experience in Web and Mobile Applications

By Rajiv S In Design Thinking, Digital Mobility, UI UX Designs, Web Engineering

Did you ever wonder why your optimally programmed and great looking web and mobile applications failed to kick- off? Why your mobile app, despite of being built over the latest cutting edge technology, has very few or no downloads? Why clients often go for multiple rounds of Re-doing the web or mobile application based on User feedback? All above factors point towards a poor User…

Leading Software Development Company

Prologic Technologies is a Leading Software Development Company in India in 2018!

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For eight years, Prologic Technologies have worked hard as a company providing custom web and mobile digital solutions for global startups, individuals and SMEs. We have always strived for high levels of quality and customer experience. To help us on our endeavors, we partnered with Clutch, an independent ratings and reviews firm based in Washington, DC. By joining Clutch, we were looking to expand our…

Telemedicine Solution Provider

5 Things You MUST Know Before Using an Online Telemedicine Portal

By Rajiv S In Telemedicine and Healthcare

One of the biggest healthcare transformation of decade was to enable remote access to healthcare services; commonly known as TeleHealth or Telemedicine services. Telemedicine refers to delivering healthcare services over a distance, be it another local location, city or country. Border less technologies have had a great impact on society and quality healthcare being one of the top priorities for every country also got its…

Steps Guide to Creativity at Workplace

5 Step Guide to Creativity at Workplace

By Rajiv S In Design Thinking

Creativity is intelligence having fun – Albert Einstein Being creative at workplace means thinking out of the box to generate new ideas and possibilities. Creativity is not just limited to Creative Heads and Design Department, in-fact every person can be creative by adapting a different thinking pattern and methodology. To start with, a person should try to see everything around through the eyes of a…

WebRTC Application Development

WebRTC Application Development in India

By Raman Kumar In WebRTC

It all started about 6 years ago when the internet giants Google, Microsoft, Opera and Mozilla gave birth to a child named “WebRTC” with a mission to enable rich, high-quality real-time communication channels to be developed for web browser, mobile platforms, and IoT devices and allow them all to communicate via a common set of protocols. WebRTC’s major components include: Get User Media – allowing…

responsive web design

Responsive Web Design is a necessity

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Responsive web design is gaining popularity due to rise of mobile culture. If your website is not accessible on smart phone or tab then don’t expect users to ever come back to your website again. While designing a responsive website the layout has to be managed for all device types and major screen sizes. This flexibility is achieved using UI UX frameworks like bootstrap or…

XML and HTML Sitemaps

Difference Between XML and HTML Sitemaps

By Avinash In Digital Marketing

What is a sitemap: Sitemap is a way of informing Google and the other search engines about web pages of a website so that they can discover its pages and index them. A sitemap should specify all major webpages and sub- pages in a given website, this helps search engines to navigate your website easily and index them. There are two types of Sitemaps i.e….