Telemedicine Solutions with Artificial Intelligence

Reading Time: 5 minutes Artificial Intelligence (AI) has enabled healthcare providers to take enlightened decisions via proactive data analysis and targeted advice. Telemedicine Solutions with Artificial Intelligence have tremendous potential to re-shape global healthcare scenario in coming years. Artificial Intelligence enables healthcare softwares to […]

Benefits of Telemedicine for Patients and Healthcare Providers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Benefits of Telemedicine for Patients and Healthcare Providers through its implementation supersedes the concerns that it may have. Never-ending queues outside hospitals and clinics adds to enormous amount of pressure on both physicians and patients. Cloud-based Telemedicine software platform for […]

Top Web Development Companies in India for 2019

Prologic Technologies Clutch Reviews

Reading Time: 2 minutes Prologic Technologies is proud to announce that we have been recognized by Clutch as one of the Top Web Development Companies in India for 2019. To clarify, we competed with 891 digital agencies to earn this badge and got featured […]

Global Online Support Hub (GOSH) For MSA

Multiple system atrophy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Defeat MSA, a 501 (c) (3) Public Non-Profit based in the US, is pleased to announce the official launch of their Defeat MSA GLOBAL ONLINE SUPPORT HUB (GOSH), a new free video-chat platform for patients with neurological diseases. The Global […]

MindSpa- Advanced Alexa Skill to Manage Behavioral Issues


Reading Time: 3 minutes Amazon Alexa Skill, can help build natural voice experiences that offer customers a more intuitive way to interact with the technology they use every day. Alexa skills can simplify almost any imaginable task through voice commands. Inspired by this we […]

5 Things You MUST Know Before Using an Online Telemedicine Portal

Telemedicine Solution Provider

Reading Time: 3 minutes Since 6- 7 years Telemedicine Portal or Telemedicine Solution have been instrumental in treating common symptoms (cough, cold, pain, fever etc.) to specialty consults like teleradiology, telepsychiatry, telenutrition and more. Owing to busy routine and technology access at hand, online […]

Advantages of WebRTC application development

Best TokBox WebRTC Application Development Services

Reading Time: 2 minutes It all started with command line messaging, then text chat took over and now it has evolved into real time audio-video chat and its is being considered as one of the most preferred ways of online communication. We at Prologic […]

Prologic Technologies- Development Partners of TokBox

Reading Time: 2 minutes Tokbox Opentok API has been at the forefront in webRTC technology solutions. Its been taken over twice since they started 10 years ago, first by Telephonica and then by Vonage which were among the most historical takeovers. Tokbox improvised native […]

5 Step Guide to Creativity at Workplace

Steps Guide to Creativity at Workplace

Reading Time: 3 minutes Creativity at Workplace means thinking out of the box to generate new ideas and possibilities. Creativity is not just limited to Creative Heads and Design Department, in-fact every person can be creative by adapting a different thinking process and methodology. To […]