Prologic Technologies is a Leading Software Development Company in India

Leading Software Development Company

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To become a leading software development company in India, it took us eight years of hardwork and here we are with  Prologic Technologies . We design and develop custom web and mobile digital solutions for global startups, individuals and SMEs. Above all, we always strive for high levels of quality and customer experience.

To help us on our endeavors, we partnered with Clutch, an independent ratings and reviews firm based in Washington, DC.
By joining Clutch, we were looking to expand our network while gaining valuable feedback about our work.

After being on Clutch for only a short period of time, we have already received two 5-star reviews! This is what our clients shared with Clutch,

“Thanks to their support, we’re able to take on more and larger projects as a company.”

“[They] come up with intelligent ways to achieve our end goals within the context of extremely complex programming.”

On top of our client reviews, Prologic Technologies is ranking high in Clutch’s algorithm. This is because of the clients we serve, projects we’ve completed, and recent awards we’ve won. Our market presence and industry expertise are significant factors of our success on Clutch. Thus we’re excited to receive recognition from a verified, third-party source.

With our positive reviews and high score on Clutch, Prologic Technologies have been able to join their research of the best leading software development company in India.

Therefore, after reaching a new level of success on Clutch, we decided to also work with their sister website- The Manifest. The Manifest helps users along the buyers’ journey by providing accessible information and resources. Thereby helping innovators, entrepreneurs, and small and mid-market businesses to find the right technology partners.

It also includes directories of the best web and mobile software development companies in their area. On The Manifest, Prologic Technologies is featured as Leading software development companies in India in 2018!

We are excited for all of the accolades that we have received after joining Clutch. Being part of a growing industry and having a lot of options here in India, we are grateful that people are continually choosing us. We do our best to help companies succeed during this time of growth in the industry.

In Addition to Clutch, Prologic Technologies reviews on have been rated very high and positive and we also have good network presence on LinkedIn and Facebook business pages.


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