Role of WebRTC during COVID pandemic

WebRTC during Covid

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2020 was a year of desperation and devastation. COVID pandemic has transformed various aspects of our life. Sadly, it’s expected to continue in 2021 as well.

Video calls with friends & family, business meetings, remote work, and education are just a few of the working areas of WebRTC. WebRTC is among the most innovative technologies of this decade. However, it didn’t receive attention and acceptability until 2020.

Goes without saying that WebRTC has helped us manage difficult times in 2020 continues to do so. Life would been have been different without “Zoom Calls” and “Google Meet” 🙂

WebRTC during COVID pandemic

Video undoubtedly is the future of the internet. 2020 has made us realize the importance of WebRTC. Live video calls and other WebRTC applications proved to be highly beneficial in making remote communication possible. Whether it’s real estate, education, IT, or healthcare, WebRTC has something to offer to almost every Industry.


According to experts, the “old normal” is hard to return. Even if the face masks and social distancing fade away. 2021 can be the year of change, a change that will amplify the application of WebRTC development.

Some major applications that use WebRTC

When it comes to WebRTC, it is known to facilitate reliable and high-quality peer-to-peer video calls. With such mass adoption of WebRTC technology by massive organizations like Facebook & Amazon, it reflects the power & usability of this amazing technology.


During the pandemic when we are restricted to our homes & have no means to visit friends & family, there were certain apps that come in handy for us. Be it Whatsapp to connect with friends and family or Zoom to conduct official meetings, WebRTC has helped us to cope up with the pandemic in a much better way.


Let’s have a look at some major applications that use WebRTC during Covid for their calling facilities:


  • Google Meet & Hangouts
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Amazon Chime
  • GoToMeeting

How WebRTC enhanced industry growth during COVID

With lockdown being imposed, almost every industry around the world has suffered major losses. However, there were several industries that have adopted the technologies like WebRTC and managed their operations successfully. Let’s have a look at some of the industries that adopted WebRTC during lockdown:


WebRTC during Covid


Being confined into the walls of the house it was not possible for students to attend school & college classes. According to UNESCO, 80% of global students have been affected due to the closure of teaching institutions.


Lockdown was the actual time that we can say has brought digitization in the education industry. Using WebRTC powered applications, schools and colleges have made virtual classes possible and accessible for students.




It wouldn’t be wrong to say that lockdown has transformed the healthcare industry to an extent. Social distancing and nationwide lockdown have demanded people to stay home and get remote medical consultations using video calls with doctors.


Using telemedicine platforms integrated with WebRTC capabilities has helped patients to have limited physical experience & exposure to the outside world. During the lockdown, there was an increase of 45% in online video consultation through telemedicine.


webrtc for entertainment


Despite the workflows being disrupted due to the COVID-19, many media productions have managed to successfully continue their business operations. Platforms like Discord have allowed individual video content creators to connect better with their audience.


WebRTC’s capabilities to one-to-many video calls, making it easy for media houses and content creators to stay connected with their audience during the pandemic.


The Covid-19 pandemic has proved to be quite challenging for all of us. Thankfully, the rise of WebRTC platforms helped us manage business & social endeavors effectively.

Though nothing can replace in-person contact, many things can be achieved quickly & easily by using WebRTC.

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