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shoppable video

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What is Shoppable Video?

Shoppable video is a type of content that either appears on the landing page or online media channels. It engages customers and guides them to the product pages. With the assistance of a video, customers can learn about various products easily.

In case they like any of them, they can buy it directly from there. Once clicked, the customer is redirected to another page containing the following information:


  • Customer Reviews
  • Product Information
  • Purchasing Details
  • Contact Information


Shoppable video empowers eCommerce businesses to convey instant and direct sales. The link of the respective product page is embedded in certain areas of a video to make it clickable.

Brand Loyalty

shoppable video


Being a retailer it’s challenging to keep a customer engaged. Shoppable video not just permits clients to see real uses of products yet empowers retailers to offer an extended user experience.


By publishing video content on the site, customers can observe real case uses of the product from all viewpoints. At the point when the client experience improves, sales & conversions do as well, subsequently improving the loyalty of your brand.

Sales Boost

sales boost


A video is a significant tool that can assist clients while settling on purchasing choices. Publishing videos on the landing page or product page or in your promoting strategy can significantly boost the conversion rate. Shoppable videos give an incredible chance to get an engagement rate that is twice of a normal video.


The utilization of shoppable videos implies that clients don’t need to investigate all products on the site to discover a thing of their interest. They can tap on the item that appeared in the video and see related details immediately. It saves a ton of time and prompts a boost in orders.

Improved Conversions

improved conversion


Sellers who use intuitive shoppable video, see an increment in conversion rates. It’s considered to be the most effective video marketing strategy to gain new customers & retain existing ones.


Videos are demonstrated to increase conversion rates considerably, with customers qualifying from top to the bottom of the marketing funnel.

Enhanced Engagement

enhanced engagement


Interactive video gives a digital experience that pulls in clients and reduces the business cycle. Including videos with cutting-edge technologies for your eCommerce platform, it helps in client retention instead of gaining one-time buyers and prompts a better client experience.


Videos can provide an amazing experience with a narrating approach. It helps in making a passionate connection with clients. They feel as though they are a piece of the story and can interact with the brand.

Re-targeting Customers

shoppable videos


Video is an amazing method to reconnect with clients. So, to drive conversion rate and enhance retention rate, you should venture into your client’s perspective to get them. You should know where they invest a large portion of their time & energy.


Regardless of whether they’re on their cell phones, tablets, or sites, videos can follow them all over. Video can possibly catch the watcher’s consideration. Connecting with watchers with personalized content can fundamentally affect product choice, brand mindfulness, and cross-channel strategy.


Including interactive videos in your e-commerce strategy can streamline your marketing & sales strategies. Adopting this strategy has proved to highly beneficial for businesses in improving the conversion rates and boost sales.

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