Significance of MindSpa in Covid19

significance of mindspa

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We all are aware of the changes that COVID-19 has brought to our life. Moreover, it has left humanity with enormous questions that need to be answered. On the one hand, people are worried about their health and wellbeing, on the other hand, a huge number of people have lost their job due to this pandemic.


Thus, that situation led to a significant rise in depression and anxiety among the people. Meanwhile, people are trying hard to keep their cool in this situation and following various measures for the same.


The COVID-19 pandemic is like hex to humanity also it has united humans to act as a single unit. In fact, People are trying their best to help each other in this miserable situation.


But have you ever heard about the “MindSpa” advanced Alexa skill, developed  by Prologic Technologies?




Never Mind!!



Through this post, we are going to make you understand every aspect of “MindSpa” an advanced Alexa skill. Also, how it can help you to lead a better and positive life. So, are you excited to know about this amazing Alexa skill?

Let’s start.

What is MindSpa Alexa Skill?




MindSpa is a habit-forming Alexa skill that assists you to understand and leverage the power of mind to deal with our behavioral issues in a better way. Additionally, it can help you to monitor and motivate yourself to resolve your daily life behavioral problems related to Anger Management, Stress Management, Low Self Confidence, Anxiety Attacks, and more.


If you find yourself surrounded by any of the above-mentioned issues on a regular basis, you must try “MindSpa” at least one. Hopefully, it might turn out to be a one-stop solution for all your problems.

Significance of MindSpa in times of COVID-19




As we all are very much aware of the unease and chaos created by COVID-19. Therefore, it can be highly stressful for many of us to cope up with current situation. There are large numbers of thoughts that can come into our mind be it about survival, job security, or anything.

Besides, doesn’t matter how hard we try we can’t resist those thoughts from entering into our minds. As “Eckhart Tolle” rightly quoted-


‘ The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but thoughts about it. So, be aware of your thoughts. Separate them from the situation, which is always neutral. It is as it is.’


Our primary objective to live a happy life even in this pandemic should be keeping out all the negative thoughts to enter into our minds. I know that could be pretty hard and seems impossible to control.


That’s where “MindSpa” comes in, it can help you to understand and control all negative thoughts and fill positivity around. You might be wondering “HOW”? I’m gonna explain that Right Away.

How Does MindSpa Works?




To develop a better understanding of “MindSpa” I’ll describe its working in a few steps.


1-  First step is to subscribe to Alexa’s “MindSpa” skill
2- Ask Alexa to open “MindSpa”
3- “MindSpa,” asks a series of questions from the subscribers via Alexa skills.
4- Data provided by subscribers then processed based on certain algorithms.
5- MindSpa delivers a relevant voice-note to subscribers in form of Motivational Quote, Short Story, Audio clip, Practice Exercise, etc.
6- It regularly checks the progress of subscriber by asking questions at a user-defined frequency.
7- Uses historical data and Machine Learning algorithm to deliver adaptive content in return.


It’s not just about the COVID-19 pandemic that we are finding ourselves anxious or depressed. As an average human, we find ourselves sad, lonely, doubtful and frustrated every now and then. Moreover, it becomes hard for us to cope up with those harmful thoughts.


It is a blessing to have someone who could help resolve our daily life behavioral problems make us feel calm, relaxed, confident, and overall happier. “MindSpa” can be your life-long friend that can help you be stress-free and lead a life full of positivity.


The skill is available on Amazon. You can enable it from there as well or enable it from the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile devices. Here are the links to enable this skill.


For US-supported language: MindSpa for the US
For India supported language: MindSpa for India

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