Top 5 Trends In eLearning

trends in elearning

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Though the concept of eLearning was expanding at a steady pace before, Covid pandemic has provided explosive growth to the ongoing trends in eLearning. With most of the business and educational institutes shutting down, there is a sudden rise in the demand for eLearning platforms.


Also, according to a recently published report by GMI (Global market insights) eLearning is expected to reach a whopping $ 375 billion by the end of 2026. Hence, the eLearning market is flourishing and has huge opportunities for everyone.


In this article we are going to look at the top 5 trends in eLearning:


trends in elearning


The concept of micro-learning is popular due to multiple reasons.  It’s an easy & quick way to impart training. The idea behind this is to provide small chunks of information which is compact and easy to understand.


While micro-learning is not meant for every type of learning, it’s highly useful for corporate & commercial training. In addition to being an effective learning tool, microlearning provides various other advantages:


  • Saves time & cost
  • Engage learners
  • Allow personalization
  • Can be accessed on any device
  • Provide comprehensive learning


Micro-learning comes in handy when there’s limited disposable time, these compact learning modules are easy to understand and less mundane. However, the concept of microlearning is highly popular & experts believe it will continue expanding more.

AI-Based Virtual Assistant

vigtual assistant in elearning


Organizations with eLearning solutions strive to provide innovative learning experiences to their learners. However, with the rise of Artificial Intelligence now instructors can anticipate assistance from virtual teachers.


Perhaps, these virtual assistants can make the learning process better & smoother for the learners.


Artificial intelligence offers equal benefits to both instructor & learner in multiple ways:


  • Real-time questioning
  • Natural language processing
  • Generate unique content
  • Better accessibility
  • Personalized learning experience


Furthermore, artificial intelligence can predict learner behavior & provide better analytics. AI has proved to be efficient in transcription learning modules at a much faster pace.

Mobile Learning

trends in elearning


With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, the education system has left no stone unturned in adapting & keeping up with technology. Using mobile learning, users can access content from anywhere at any time.


With 67 % of users opted for mobile learning, indeed, it’s not far off that mobile becoming the primary touchpoint for elearning.


Some Advantages of offering mobile learning :


  • Bite-sized delivery
  • Better knowledge retention
  • High Retention rate
  • Flexibility to access content




Gamification provides the features required to enhance learners’ experience and retain them. Though gaming is considered a source of entertainment. However, an element that is well planned, designed, and addressing the real challenges of users can be highly engaging.


A well-crafted gamification element can bring multiple benefits to eLearning portal:

  • Enhance User experience
  • Higher retention rates
  • Make learning easy
  • Better tasks completion rates


For instance, learning modules can be designed to earn badges, rewards, loyalty points, etc. In turn, these features bring interactivity and compel users to complete certain tasks.

Big Data

big data


Another trend that is enhancing eLearning is big data. Big data includes the collection & analysis of data to get into users’ behavior.


Big data in eLearning collects massive amounts of information related to learners like personal information and their performance. Hence it helps instructors to judge the performance of students and also their style of learning.


Big data not only helps in determining the learner’s behavior but also suggests ways to update learning modules for better learning experience.


The world we live in stays in constant disruption. Trends in eLearning are Constantly upgrading and one needs to keep with changes to stay on top of things. We hope the above-mentioned trends would help you in making the right decision for your eLearning portal. these trends have helped businesses to enhance the retention as well as experience of customers.

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