Trends For WebRTC Development in 2021

Trends For WebRTC development

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2020 was a year of desperation and devastation. COVID pandemic has transformed various aspects of our life. Sadly it’s expected to continue in 2021 as well.

It’s needless to say that WebRTC technologies have helped us to manage the dreadful events of 2020. Which in either case would have been a lot harder.


Video calls with friends & family, business meetings, remote work, and education are just a few of working areas of WebRTC. WebRTC is among the most innovative technologies of this decade. Though it didn’t receive attention and acceptability until 2020.

2021 – Transitional year for WebRTC

Trends For WebRTC development


Video undoubtedly is the future of the internet. 2020 has made us realize the importance of WebRTC. Live video call and other WebRTC applications proved to be highly beneficial. Whether it’s real estate, education, IT professionals, or healthcare, WebRTC has something to offer to almost every Industry.


According to experts, the “old normal” is hard to return. Even if the face masks and social distancing fades away. 2021 can be the year of change, a change that will amplify the solidified trends of WebRTC development. Lets have look at afew of them.

Broadcast Technologies Combined With WebRTC

Trends For WebRTC development


Perhaps by late 2021, most of the in-person events like business conferences would be replaced by high-end WebRTC technologies. These WebRTC technologies would virtually recreate the value of an in-person conference, provide live streaming of conferences. Also it’ll allow any number of people to remotely participate in the conference.


WebRTC is powerful enough to handle such hybrid & completely virtual events. It’s expected to see rise in these technologies that would allow broadcasting at very large scale in relatively low latency. Moreover, it would allow the audience to communicate with the speaker and other attendees in real-time.

Remote Work Is The New Work

Trends For WebRTC development


COVID pandemic has changed our perspective about remote work to a great extent. Though it’s expected that many will return back to offices by the end of 2021 still, many companies (especially those located in metro cities) would be more flexible in regards to work from home.


Last year showed us that it can be done effectively. Businesses have appreciated the reduced overhead expense along with the happiness of employees, those who prefer to work from home.


Perhaps most businesses would try cost-effective options like zoom. There would still be a lot of scope for custom software. Tools that would provide unique user experience and have industry-specific built-in features.

More Focus on WebRTC User Privacy

user privacy


There are various aspects to deal with when it comes to user security in WebRTC. The latest edition is inclusion of E2EE in media servers allow end-to-end encryption in group video calls. To provide such a high level of security is only possible due to the WebRTC capabilities.


One known example of it is Zoom, which was negligent about user privacy and security until 2020. However, they did a pretty great job in 2020 to improve level of security. Moreover, provide their users with complete privacy.


Zoom is now how various companies now measure the level of security and privacy. It’s expected that we will see the implementation of various webRTC platforms with E2EE measures by end of 2021.

More Niche Products

niche webrtc products


One of the trends for WebRTC development that’s going to boom in 2021 is niche-specific. There are a lot of generic softwares available in the market. Yet it’s expected that WebRTC products would be high demand combined with niche-specific use cases.


It’s not necessary to select a technology-based Niche. You can work on finding small niches and provide them with a usable & profitable solution to them.

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