WebRTC Application Development in India

WebRTC Application Development

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It all started about 7-8 years ago when the internet giants Google, Microsoft, Opera and Mozilla gave birth to a child named “WebRTC” with a mission to enable rich, high-quality real-time communication channel for web browsers, mobile platforms, and IoT devices. WebRTC application development in India and across the globe is picking up and its worth is being realized by SME and Large Enterprises.

WebRTC components primarily include:

Get User Media – allowing the web browser to access the web camera and microphone.

RTC peer Connection – allowing the audio and video calls.

RTC Data Channel – allowing the transfer of data.

Amazing would be an inferior adjective to this awesome technology which has enabled seamless possibilities in the world of Real Time Communication using Internet Browser. You are no more dependent on installation of proprietary software on your computer or smartphones for HD quality audio and video calls, Text chats, Data Transfer and many more. Here are a few major Pros and Cons of webRTC application development in contrast to existing technologies.

Pros of webRTC

  1. It is supported by major and popular desktop browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera.
  2. Also supported by mobile browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera Mobile on Android Devices.
  3. Doesn’t require any software or app installation.
  4. Open source – Easily accessible for custom business needs and improvisation.
  5. Allows one to one and Multi- party audio/ video calls.
  6. No Prior software knowledge required.

Cons of webRTC

  1. Scalability and Network Firewalls can pose a connectivity challenge for users.
  2. Stability can be an issue for video calls at low bandwidth internet.

Our webRTC application development

To counter inherent drawbacks in webRTC, a US based startup TokBox Inc, took a fruitful step to improvise upon the webRTC code and came out with a commercial flavor by the name of “OpenTok”. We were offered an Agency partnership with Tokbox a few years ago and became the first tokbox partner in India which eventually led to the birth of many successful WebRTC applications at Prologic Technologies. Our following innovative projects are based on OpenTok API and showcase a fine blend of TokBox’s improvisations and our out of the box ideas:

e-psychiatry – Telemedicine platform using TokBox openTok API

Nutrimedy – Video calls for Dietitians and Clients with Screen Sharing using TokBox openTok.

Doocle – An end to end Telemedicine Platform with Appointment Scheduling, Webinars and Collaborative DICOM Viewer using TokBox openTok.

WebRTC increasingly popularity and high usability has made it an undisputed winner in real time communication. With companies like TokBox and VCloudX enhancing the stability and scalability of this technology and adding more features to it, its acceptability and usage is bound to grow tremendously.


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