Custom webRTC solution 2017

WebRTC ( Real Time Communication )

WebRTC is free open projects that gives browsers and mobile application the liberty of screen sharing without the use of any plugins. This project was launched by google 6 years ago to enable rich, high quality audio,video ,messages.


From the time of its birth it has proved out to be a boon in the field of live video conversations.

This project has the ability to provide customized solutions using platform such as ToKbox. WebRTC is supported by Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Android, ios.
It consists of user friendly API’s thus, giving every programmer the opportunity to work wishfully.To formulate successful custom webRTC solution, a company must have the following ingredients:

  • A team having clear knowledge of building desktop sharing applications using WebRTC and its commercial platform like Tokbox Opentok.
  • The idea of how to do graphic designing; UI/UX, authoring , typography,etc.


Custom WebRTC solutions using Tokbox opentok in India has secured a prominent place in the market by introducing Intervuelive. This platform is a revolution in the online live video conferencing, using tokbox.

Intervuelive is an online live video interview platform where the candidate is fee to choose the destination and the job type and book a seat in the session. On the other hand the recruiter can view candidates lined up and have a live video call with each for 7-10 minutes. After each interview the recruiter can shortlist the candidates. Once the entire session ends, an automated mail consisting resumes of the shortlisted candidates is with the recruiter.

The applicant’s resume is visible to the recruiter while conducting an interview, whereas the applicant can see the profile of the company on his screen.

This initiative has been taken by Prologic technologies – Opentok webRTC development company in India.This platform is given by them for the entertainment of every user. This platform is allowing free video call to the people for a span of three months. It acts as an incredible platform to showcase the n
From a startup to a well established business, everybody can hire their superstars employees within few minutes.
This platform has also worked very well to provide job opportunities to the applicant in their nearest location and with their choice.
As a famous saying goes, “career is not by chance but by choice”. Therefore every candidate receives the chance to avail a career choice with the help of Intervuelive at their footstep.



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