What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing also known as online marketing or web marketing refers to the marketing of goods and services using digital technologies. This technology has entirely changed the marketing process enabling both the manufacturer and the consumer to receive maximum profit. This kind of marketing is accompanied by various pros and cons but still stand to be one of the best kind of marketing of our era.


Digital marketing is the promotion of products and services over electronic media. It won’t be wrong to say that these days Business without Branding and Digital marketing is like Fish without water. This marketing uses various platform such as social networking sites like facebook, twitter, youtube etc. or forming websites to promote its products.

Firms make use of social media as its main tools to create a channel of information. They market their products and services and also allow 24*7 services to make customer feel supported and valued.

Digital marketing not only makes the consumer aware about a product from the promoters side but also from the side of the other consumers. Digital media gives access to the consumer to rate and also share their feedback regarding any and every product. Through this form of marketing any product or services can be made popular within friction of seconds and also its defects can be recognized at the same time.
This is the fastest medium of spreading information and awareness regarding a product, a service or a brand across the entire globe. Have a glance of the popular types of digital marketing:


SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) – One of the traditional & resourceful method of digital marketing used to increase the websites visibility across the search engines. This types of DM helps in getting a higher rank in google searches and one of the essential ingredient for the working of the same is the content creation.

PPC (Pay Per Click) – It is a paid search by the google. In this kind of digital marketing, paid advertisements are placed to the right or above the organic search results. It is an absolute money based type where one’s you stop paying, the ads cease to exist. The cost depends on the competitiveness of the keyword used.

SMM (Social Media Marketing) – This is the most prevalent type of Digital marketing where various social channels like facebook, twitter, youtube,Instagram, etc are used for the promotion of the product. This influential marketing is the best type of marketing which enables you to grow a direct customer relationship

Email Marketing – This is a kind of Digital marketing where personalized mails can be sent to customers at a scheduled time. There are various tools like MailChimp and Constant Contact that let you create campaigns, email templates, load recipient list, track recipient behaviour etc.

Now that you are aware about its types, lets discuss the merits and demerits of Digital marketing.


  1. It is the fastest medium for marketing.
  2. It is very cost effctive as compared to conventional marketing.
  3. Allows audience to access the entire product, brand, services in minutes.
  4. Enables the promoters to introduce their brand to a vast number of consumers at same time.
  5. Advertisement is easy to access at any time and at any place.
  6. Repetitive Business Opportunity.
  7. More room for corrections/ modifications as compared to Print Media.


  1. Preparing a Digital marketing campaign may be time consuming.
  2. Trolling of your brand can be a possibility, leading to negative public relations.
  3. Online Campaigning has the ability to go viral but this ability can be negative sometimes.
  4. Reaches a vast number of consumers thus attracting larger criticism.

Thus it would not be unfair to say that digital marketing has become a very popular and effective strategy in this era of marketing. Through digital marketing, a product or a service would reach every individual having access to online marketing in fraction of seconds. This kind of marketing enables the promoter to introduce their product or services with maximum reach and in minimum time.

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