What is Social media – What is it used for?

In literal sense social media can be understood by breaking the two i.e Social – Interacting, communicating, sharing information + Media – Instrument/medium used for all kind of interaction,communication and sharing. Thus, social media refers to the medium used for sharing of ideas, opinions and other forms of expression through social networks.

Social media differs from the traditional electronic media such as TV, Newspaper, Radio etc as these traditional medium are one way street where you cannot interact or communicate. Your role is to just acquire the information and keep your views and opinions to yourself whereas social media empowers you the freedom of sharing your ideas and your viewpoints regarding every news. Social media has both positive as well as positive effects.

Social media refers to highly interactive platform through which individual as well as organizations can create, share, discuss and opine regarding every matter online. This discussion takes place through social networks(Facebook, twitter, linkedIn, snapchat, etc.) i.e the subcategory of social media. You should be aware regarding the difference between social media and social networking. The Initial provide the platform for the latter.

Some of the famous social networks or social media websites are as follows;
It is a a social networking service based in menlo park, california. It can be accessed by a large range of desktop, laptops, tablets and smartphones to create personal profile, share photos and videos and communicate with each other.

Twitter is another social networking service which gives free blogging access to its registered users to broadcast short posts called ‘Tweets’ restricted to 140 characters.

It is a networking website for business community and is mainly used for professional networking. It allows its users to create Professional profiles, post resume and communicate with the employers. Thus, allowing the user to develop a professional relationship in real time

An app on mobile devices that allows its registered users to share and send their images and short videos of their day to day activity.
Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram etc are some other famous forms of social media.
These social networks have emerged out to be of great help but like every coin has two sides, so does Social media. Here are the major pros and cons of Social media.

Social media can help to improve individuals sense of connection with real /online communications.

It serves to be an effective communication tool for corporations, organization, entrepreneurs.

It gives the easy access to document memories.

It enables the user to learn and explore things.

The most amazing feature is that we form friendships worldwide.

Source of commercialization.

Cyber bullying and cyber stalking.

Fake news is widely spread.

Internet trolling.

Emotional Exhaustion – the stress a user has while using a social media site.

Depersonalization – the emotional detachment from the social media site.

Social Media has become a very essential part of everybody’s life from a school going kid to an entrepreneur. From posting day to day pictures to e-commerce everything is done online.
Social media has given birth to new form of language, abbreviations, which has helped in explaining more in less time. BAE “before anyone else” YOLO “you only live once ” are the examples of such abbreviations.
Despite of many faults social media is the only source allowing mass cultural exchange and bringing people together from every corner to form worldwide relationships.



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