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Creating incredible software is hard;
working with us isn't.

We understand that each business is unique and operates differently. Our IT Consulting team will look at your business through your eyes and evaluate bottlenecks and pain points in your process. We then work closely with your team to form and execute an effective bespoke strategy to help you grow on digital front in best possible ways and within your budget.

Smart Process

1. Understand your Needs

We’ll start with understanding your requirements and grey areas. Our consulting team will work closely with you/ your team to better understand your purpose and vision about your Project/ Product. This would involve discussions via phone calls, text chats, emails and more, to gain as much clarity as we can. Its very important to involve you and your team in this process to get a bigger picture.

2. Collect Information

Once we have understood your requirements, we will then embark upon collecting data (Data Analysis) from all possible sources like your competitors, audience, user experiences, market statistics and more. This exercise will equip us with information to work on some initial designs and give contours to your Project/ Product. The more accurate information is, better will be the Project/ Product Design.

3. Initial Design Draft

Based on the information (Data) collected, we will decide upon an optimum custom Project/ Product Design. Choosing the right methodology out of Agile, Waterfall or Hybrid, optimum Technology Stack, effective communication channel, best quality procedures within specified time and budget, contributes to a sound foundation which is based on data facts instead of assumptions or template based approach.

4. Brainstorm and Innovate

Now we have something in front of us which we can see and feel, its time to pour in some creativity and innovation in your Project/ Product. We will brainstorm on enhancing the User Experience, UI elements and Key Functional Areas leading to an effective and more acceptable Project/ Product Design.

5. Improvise Design

Our Development and Design team will collaborate to improve upon the Project/ Product Design by defining USPs, adding competitive edge, making it leaner and cost- effective and more. In this phase, we Develop- Test- Fix and Repeat, until we get a finished Project/Product that you have envisioned.

6. Deliver and Maintain

Its time to part with our creation by deploying the solution at your end. We will ensure everything is in place as defined in specification document and inline with your expectations. We are always there for support on post- delivery fixes, modifications and enhancements. We offer lifetime bug free warranty for issues arising out of work done by us per original specifications.

There's no project too big or too small.

Ready to discuss your project/ ideas?

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