IT Consulting

Practical and smart business consulting, coupled with cutting edge technologies.

Our consulting team helps you steer amidst technical jargon and simplify your business's digital needs. We see your business through your eyes and come up with lean and efficient strategies to help you grow. We also leverage our technical domain knowledge to tailor the most effective and affordable technology platform for your current and future needs.

Our consulting lifecycle

Understanding Your Business

We would love to discuss your real life business operations, opportunities and threats to build a tailored strategy for your business growth. By working closely with your team we will better understand your business, competitors, issues, expectations and bottlenecks to deliver an effective consultation that works for your business.

Analyzing Requirements

Our team will analyze your business needs, competition, market demand, audience etc. and develop insights to your current business functions.

Writing Execution Plan

Thereafter, we embark upon a bespoke implementation strategy to streamline your current business functions, prune outdated functions and adapt new methodologies.

Delivering Results

With the use of cutting- edge technologies, the end result comes out to be a usable, practical and robust strategy that resolves your current business challenges & adapt to future demands.

Our specialized consulting verticals

Web Engineering

Internet and web browsers are now integral part of urban lifestyle. Dependency on world wide web has evolved a different class of business practices which relies on web for their end- to - end operations. Our vivid and practical experience in creating web based start-ups, digitizing back office operations and automating day-in day-out operations for a span of 15 years have taught us valuable lessons and added a ton worth of value to our portfolio.

Mobilty Solutions

There is no doubt in the fact that mobility is the need of hour and future. Being mobile provides individuals as well as businesses the flexibility, accomplish multitude of tasks on the go and empower them with information anytime anywhere. We leverage our mobile experience to judiciously guide our clients choose the right mobile platform coupled with wisely chosen mobility features which can be accessed quickly and on the go.

UI/ UX Services

User Interface and User Experience is the key to build a successful digital platform. Our understanding of user behavior vis a vis digital product has evolved with industry and audience demands. Backed by our technology expertise we have helped our clients create highly interactive, clean and usable interfaces which increased their customer engagement.

Pro bono Consulting

We believe in giving back to the society; what goes around comes around. We take pride in consulting absolutely free of charge to anyone in genuine need of advice. If we are able to make a difference to your life, our purpose is solved.

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