Mobilized Solutions for Shipping Industry

Enhance onboard communication with our Bespoke Digital Solutions for Shipping Industry. This transition towards digitalization and automation will speed up your shipping business.

Why Digital Solutions for Shipping Industry?

Shipping companies are leveraging new technologies to improve investment efficiency and productivity in the shipping industry. It is playing a vital role in international trade.

Digital solutions help ships to function effectively by being integrated into the infrastructure and operations.

  • Repairing mechanical damage in shipping vessels can cost up to US $50,000.

  • Ship Repair & maintenance costs can be up to 20-30 % of the total shipping operation cost.

  • The global ship repair & maintenance service market is projected to reach US $40 billion by 2026.

  • The ship repairing segment is expected to be the fastest-growing sector with a CAGR of 0.2% during 2019-23.


When you are operating a global service, Our digital solutions for shipping provide advanced features which are freight forwarders to overcome communication barriers.


We provide improved productivity, enhanced accountability, and streamlined operations through our services to the bottom line that increases profits and reduces risk.

Remote Monitoring Systems

Remote Monitoring Systems

We understand that remote monitoring/ communication is essential to keep the ship running in the deep sea. Our remote monitoring & troubleshooting comes with a scope of real-time troubleshooting, effective communication within and across vessels that lead to a reduction in wasteful spending.

Our shipping solutions are easy to use & truly mobile in the middle of the sea.

Service Automation

With our high-tech shipping automation solutions you can easily inspect,analyze, & determine appropriate action to be taken to resume operational status of the equipment.

Our WebRTC powered solutions with wireless monitoring and other cloud based technologies make sure that every equipment is functioning in order.

Service Automation
Service Report Management

Service Report Management

Our solution comes with a defined and controlled process to provide enough information to both business and IT department. Allowing businesses a faster analysis & reduced resolution time.

With our innovative shipping solution it's easy to retrieve, represent & visualize any number of service reports.

Seamus McMillen

Seamus McMillen
CTO, Kameleya

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