Mobility is the present and future of any digital platform or product. If your digital business or product is not accessible via mobile then you are losing 60% of your target audience. Our web and mobile development team can help you guide, develop and maintain a robust mobile presence by using the most cutting edge technology stack coupled with immersive user experience of your mobile product. You can leverage our mobile experience to gain edge over your competitors and increase your customer engagement; be it mobile website or mobile app, we are amazingly good at it.

Our innovative and mobile first strategy has helped us in bringing a transformational change to help our clients effectively engage their mobile audience.

Here are some facts and figures on why having a mobile presence
is of huge importance for your business growth

Our Mobile Application Development Strategy
  • Google says over 70% of their traffic comes from mobile users
  • eMarketer survey shows that over 67% of products & services are being purchased using mobile apps or mobile websites
  • Deloitte Survey shows more than 80% users check their mobile phones within ONE hour before/after they sleep/wake-up
  • Cisco VNI predicts the Global Mobile traffic to increase at least 65% by 2019

So NOT having a mobile presence would simply leave these numbers untapped. This is not only damaging for your current business but it also indicates that your business is highly likely to get sidelined in near future. Is your business ready for this?

Web Applications

Hybrid & Native
Mobile Apps

Web & Mobile

Web Layouts

Prologic Technologies focuses on mobile- first approach wherein we guide you about the importance of your business's mobile presence even before your website. Our team will handhold you through whole process of creating a mobile presence; be it Mobile website or a Mobile App. We partner with our clients during project lifecycle and involve them as a part of our team; it makes them understand what they are paying for and thus can appreciate their ROI.

We have a proven track record of delivering innovative mobility solutions
to following industries

  • Entertainment and Social Media
  • Text and Audio Chat using WebRTC
  • Remote Troubleshooting for Shipping Vessels
  • Medtech/ Tele Healthcare/ Telemedicine
  • Social Commerce/ mCommerce
  • Online Text and Video Resumes/ Talent Acquisition Solutions
  • Mobile Games using QR Codes
  • Chatbots using Amazon Lex and Lambda
innovative mobility solutions
  • Bespoke Mobile Application Development
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Responsive Mobile Websites
  • Upscale and Maintenance Mobile Solutions
  • m-Commerce and Social Commerce Applications
  • SaaS Based Mobile Product Development
  • Mobile API Development and Database driven Apps

Mobility solutions have already penetrated consumer market and are now gaining a deeper access into most B2B verticals. Our mobile development team is ever-ready with tools and experience to embark upon any challenge of creating a meaningful and highly engaging end to end mobility solution. Our solution encompasses a mobile application, mobile website and back-end admin dashboard to manage the whole solution for your business needs.

We are adept in all major areas of mobile application development.

Relevant Works

Custom Mobility Solutions
For Users On- The- Go

Kameleya case study

Remote Troubleshooting, Inspection and Service Report Automation for Shipping Vessels

Remote Troubleshooting App, Remote Inspection App, Service Reports Automation Software

Key Features: Web admin for complete vessel and user management. Multiple user access levels. Live recording of maintenance & repair procedures using external USB/ Endoscopic camera attached to a smartphone. Process Automation via bespoke reporting module.

Defeat MSA case study
Defeat MSA logo

Global Online Video Support Hub, Group Chats for Patients & Caregivers with Brain Diseases

Online Video Support Hub, MSA Support Groups, GOSH, Caregiver Support Group

Key Features:Easy to setup Video Chat Sessions for Regions across the world. Intuitive and quick RSVP to Chat Session. User Moderated Video Chats. Efficient use of TokBox Opentok API for live video chats and real time text chat. Limited Options per screen. Bigger Action buttons and Menus.

Talk To Santa case study
Talk To Santa logo

Entertaining Live Video Call with Santa Claus for Kids and Family Members, during Christmas Season

Live Video Call With Santa Claus, Live Call With Santa, Talk To Santa Claus

Key Features:Joyful user experience for audience of 5- 60+ years. Seamless LIVE VIDEO CALLs using TokBox Opentok API. Sharing of Live video on Facebook timeline. Efficient Santa availability scheduling for different time-zones. Seamless shopping experience with multiple payment options. Sponsor branding of videos.

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