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WebRTC is undisputed winner in real time communication and undoubtedly the future as well. Since 6 years now webRTC technology has evolved significantly and transformed telecommunication over internet. Also, companies like Tokbox and VSee have done wonders by improvising and enhancing its capabilities like Call Archiving, Screensharing, Text Messaging, SIP Interconnect and more. Our alliance with Tokbox Inc. proves our mettle in successfully consulting businesses to adapt this robust and easy to use technology.

In past 4 years, we have helped startups, small and mid-size companies to adapt webRTC (via Tokbox Opentok API) for their tailored use cases for online real- time communication. It has not only helped them cut down their running costs by shedding many of their expensive and bulky legacy hardware based communication infra but also resulted in engagement of new generation customer segment for them.

innovative use cases

Our webRTC team can help your business adapt webRTC solutions and transform your communication strategy. Prologic Technologies is proud to deliver some innovative webRTC solutions to following verticals:

  • Remote Surveillance Applications
  • Team Collaboration Web and Mobile Kits
  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)
  • Medtech/ Telemedicine
  • Video Resumes Mobile Apps
  • Online Education and Webinars
  • Entertainment
  • Remote Troubleshooting and Reporting Apps
  • Strategic HR and Talent Acquisition

Technology Stacks

  • Open Source webRTC API
  • Tokbox Opentok API
  • Ziggeo, Twilio webRTC API
  • iOS and Android SDK by Tokbox
  • AWS S3 Storage API
  • Auth 2.0

Our Strategy For WebRTC Application Development

We follow a tailored approach to deliver the best user experience to each and every webRTC projects we take up.

Requirement Analysis

Requirement Analysis

We start with client's definition of the problem, understand its pain points and start finding possible solutions by knowing the audience, creating mind maps and story boards.

Database Design

Database Design

The database design starts with ER Diagrams; defining entities and related attributes. This is one of our fortes and we optimize the database design to produce high performing products.

Initial Design Draft

Initial Design Draft

We create workflows and wireframes of user’s interaction with the product and run a few use case scenarios to evaluate the outcome and identify improvement scope. User experience being the top priority.

Brainstorm & Innovate

Brainstorm & Innovate

By now we have something in front of us which we can interact with, we then focus on screens involving user interaction (audio/video/screensharing/text messaging etc.). Our team then works on refining these screens by applying Design Thinking principles to enhance its usability and make it more engaging.

Improvise Design, Test & Deliver

Improvise Design,
Test & Deliver

In this phase, we plug the loop holes and resolve dead- ends by using a “Improvise- Test- Fix AND Repeat” methodology.

Innovative webRTC Mobile and Web applications

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