WebRTC technology has capabilities like One to One, One to Many Audio- Video Call, Call Archiving, Screensharing, Text Messaging, SIP Interconnect and more.

Our proven track record and being one of the oldest Development Partners of Tokbox proves our mettle in designing and developing Bespoke Tokbox Opentok WebRTC Applications.

Why Tokbox Opentok WebRTC Applications are popular?

innovative use cases

TokBox- Opentok

Video Apps

Mobile Apps
Using TokBox


  • Remote Troubleshooting Applications
  • Bespoke Telemedicine Solutions
  • Talent Acquisition Platforms
  • Online Education and Content Delivery
  • SIP Interconnect Applications

Our Tokbox Opentok WebRTC Team can help your business leverage WebRTC power and transform your communication strategy.

Prologic Technologies is proud to deliver innovative web and mobile applications based on Tokbox Opentok WebRTC and Opentok API.

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Our Tokbox WebRTC Application Development Process

We follow custom development process to deliver an optimized User Experience for every webRTC project.

Requirement Analysis

Understand Requirements

We understand client's requirements, their target audience, pain points and needs. Then create mind maps and story boards for possible solution.

Database Design

Design UX and Workflows

Our Tokbox Opentok WebRTC Application Development team designs UX workflows per your customer's needs. We then suggest the right WebRTC API/ Tools for your Applications.

Initial Design Draft

Create Prototype

We create functional prototypes and wireframes for major touch points, with Enhanced User Experience being our top priority.

Brainstorm & Innovate

Brainstorm & Innovate

Our team then works on refining workflows by applying Design Thinking principles to enhance product usability and make it more engaging.

Improvise Design, Test & Deliver

Test & Deliver

In this phase, we Implement the solution, plug loop holes and resolve dead- ends by using “Implement- Test- Fix AND Repeat” methodology.

Case Studies

Secure And Scalable
Tokbox Opentok WebRTC Applications

Kameleya case study

Remote Troubleshooting, Inspection and Service Report Automation for Shipping Vessels

Key Features: Web admin for complete vessel and user management. Multiple user access levels. Live recording of maintenance & repair procedures using external USB/ Endoscopic camera attached to a smartphone. Process Automation via bespoke reporting module.

Remote Troubleshooting App, Remote Inspection App, Service Reports Automation, Tokbox Opentok API

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Defeat MSA case study
Defeat MSA logo

Global Online Video Support Hub, Group Chats for Patients & Caregivers with Brain Diseases

Key Features: Easy to setup Video Chat Sessions for Regions across the world. Intuitive and quick RSVP to Chat Session. User Moderated Video Chats. Efficient use of TokBox Opentok API for live video chats and real time text chat. Limited Options per screen. Bigger Action buttons and Menus.

Online Video Support Hub, MSA Caregiver Support Groups, GOSH, Custom Telemedicine Solution Provider

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