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Getting your operations online, makes you more available and better visible, anytime anywhere. Web Development and Design has undergone various reforms from Plain Text Websites to HTML/ CSS Websites to Dynamic Web Pages to Semantic Web 2.0 and to Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Web Development at Prologic Technologies is based on innovation and design thinking principles leading to greater ROI and engaging user experience.

We create end to end bespoke web solutions using latest technology stacks and best industry practices for web development. Every project we take up is a learning experience while we apply our design thinking experience from
past to deliver a better output.

Bespoke Web Applications

Delivered 800+

Web Applications

Enterprise Telehealth, Telemedicine Solutions

Engineered 15+

Enterprise Telehealth,
MedTech Solutions

Paypal & Stripe Online Payments

Integrated 900+

Paypal & Stripe
Online Payments

Innovative webRTC, Tokbox Projects

Delivered 25+

Innovative webRTC,
Tokbox Projects

We develop custom web applications for:

  • eCommerce/ Social Commerce/ mCommerce
  • Medtech/ Tele Healthcare/ Tele Psychiatry/ Telemedicine/ Tele Nutrition
  • Strategic HR/ Talent Acquisition Solutions/ Online Live Interviews
  • WebRTC based Solutions
  • Lead Capturing and Conversion tools
  • Video Conferencing Platforms using Tokbox Opentok API
  • AWS EC2 and Simple Storage S3 API
  • Chatbots using Amazon Lex, Lambda and Alexa
custom web applications

Web development these days is multi- disciplinary & we at Prologic Technologies are equipped to deliver with changing times and customer demands. We cover all major web development aspects and more.

  • Custom Web Application Development
  • Website Development and Maintenance
  • e-Commerce, m-Commerce and Social Commerce Applications
  • Web Portal Development
  • SaaS Based Product Development
  • API Development and Integration
  • Server setup & Deployment on AWS, Digital Ocean, GoDaddy, Google Cloud, Bluehost, Hostgator etc.

Technology Stacks

  • Object Oriented PHP
  • MySQL / MongoDB
  • Apache/ Tomcat
  • Ajax/ Jquery/ JSON/ XML
  • Python/ DJango
  • ReactJS/ NodeJS/ AngularJS
  • MVC Frameworks (Laravel & CodeIgniter)
  • Wordpress
  • Google / Auth2.0 / Slack / Facebook / Twilio APIs
  • Stripe / Paypal / Worldpay / Authorize.net Integration
  • AWS EC2 Server setups, RDS Database, S3 Storage

Our Tailored Web Development Approach

Requirement Analysis

Requirement Analysis

We start with client's definition of the problem, understand its pain points and start finding possible solutions by knowing the audience, creating mind maps and story boards.

Database Design

Database Design

The database design starts with ER Diagrams; defining entities and attributes related to these entities.

Initial Design Draft

Initial Design Draft

We create workflows and wireframes of user’s interaction with the product and run a few use case scenarios to evaluate the outcome and identify improvement scope.

Brainstorm & Innovate

Brainstorm & Innovate

By now we have something in front of us which we can interact with, we then refine the use cases by applying Design Thinking principles to enhance its usability and make it more engaging.

Improvise Design, Test & Deliver

Improvise Design,
Test & Deliver

In this phase, we plug the loop holes and resolve dead- ends by using a “Improvise- Test- Fix AND Repeat” methodology.

There's no project too big or too small.

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