Custom Web and
Mobile Apps

Each business has its own workflow and external tools are not always the best fit for your needs. But luckily we have a solution for your problem. We will analyze your problem and requirement and build a powerful and useful custom web and mobile application that will make your work easier.

Scalable and User-centered Applications

Scalable and User-centered

  • Scalable Web Applications

  • Easy to Use Mobile Apps

  • Efficient Product Design

  • Led by Design Thinking and Innovation

  • Enhanced User Experience

Custom Web Development

Custom Web Application Development for global startups, individuals and SMEs

Key elements like Security, Privacy, Re-usability, Performance, Page Speed, Usability, Aesthetics, Component Layout, Coding Standards etc. are duly taken care of in every web application.

Custom Web Development
Custom Mobile App Development

Custom Mobile App Development

Developing Meaningful and Easy- to- use Mobile Apps

We developed a frugal innovation to switch between Hybrid and Native Mobile Screens. This gives us the flexibility of using both Hybrid and Native programming technologies in the same app, its cost- effective & Saves at Least 20- 25% of Total Development Time.

Tokbox Vonage WebRTC Applications

Custom Tokbox Vonage API Applications

We are adept in developing many Tokbox/ Vonage applications for Telemedicine, Online Education, Remote Troubleshooting, TeleNutrition, Entertainment and many more.

Tokbox Opentok WebRTC Applications
Custom Telemedicine Solutions

Custom Telemedicine Solutions

Bespoke HIPAA Secure Telemedicine Solutions

Prologic Technologies is among the Most Promising HIPAA Secure Telemedicine Solution Provider. We have also developed mobile apps for behavioral health tracking, Food and Nutrition with Apple Health Kit and GPS tracking integration.

Custom eCommerce Applications

Custom e-Commerce and m-Commerce Applications

We have designed and developed Social Commerce Apps to Buy and Sell directly from your Instagram, facebook, twitter and whatsapp feeds.

Custom eCommerce Applications
Custom Payment Gateway Integration

Custom Payment Gateway Integration

Seamless Payment Gateway Integrations

We are adept in Payment Gateway Integration (Stripe, Paypal,, Braintree etc.) of any type; Standard, Adaptive, Connected accounts, Refunds, Pre- authorization & Split Payments etc.

Simplified Digital Solutions

Do you want to enhance your website with custom web and mobile apps that're perfect for your business? Don't worry we are providing simplified digital solutions which can be customised to fit your exact needs.

Mazzi A Digital Wallet for Store Credits

A Digital Wallet for Store Credits

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