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Since inception Prologic Technologies is continuously providing innovative and scalable technology solutions. We have many successful deployments of technology products and solutions for offshore clients hailing from diversified business domains. We have also converted some legacy systems into cutting edge modern technology stacks thereby enhancing product performance and operational capabilities.

  • Scalable Web Solutions
  • Meaningful Digital Products
  • Robust Product Design and Development
  • Design Thinking and Innovation
  • Enhanced User Experience

Technology Solutions at a Glance



Bespoke Web Applications



Hybrid & Native Mobile Apps



Enterprise Telehealth, Telemedicine Solutions



Paypal & Stripe implementations



Innovative webRTC, Tokbox Projects

Bespoke Web Development

 Web Development

Innovative and Custom Web Application Development for global startups, individuals and SMEs, is one of our most valued services. Our Web and Mobile Engineering team continuously update themselves with various technology stacks and is capable of providing high quality web applications and products programmed to your needs. Key elements like Security, Privacy, Re-usability, Performance, Page Speed, Usability, Aesthetics, Component Layout, Coding Standards etc. are duly taken care of in every web application.

Hybrid & Native Mobile Apps

Hybrid & Native Mobile Apps

We transformed our Web Application knowledge and experience into meaningful Hybrid and Native Mobile Apps. We have created some really cool mobile app for iOS and Android platforms using Cordova/ Phonegap technologies. We developed a frugal innovation to switch between Hybrid and Native Screens. This gives us the flexibility of using both Hybrid and Native programming technologies in the same app, its cost- effective, saves at least 20- 25% of total development time and provides enhanced user experience.

WebRTC Solutions Using Tokbox

WebRTC Solutions

Prologic Technologies is among the most promising WebRTC application development agencies for TokBox in India. We are one of the oldest and preferred agency partners of Tokbox with a proven track record of delivering over 100 custom Opentok solutions for web and mobile. We have developed some innovative webRTC applications for Telemedicine/ MedTech, Online Education, Remote Troubleshooting, Shipping, TeleNutrition, Entertainment, Skill Development and many more.

Custom Telemedicine Platforms

Telemedicine Platforms

We are adept in custom HIPAA Secure Telehealth/ Telemedicine solutions integrated with Live Video Consultation & Collaboration features for Web & Mobile. We have successfully delivered full- suite bespoke Telemedicine solutions for TeleNutrition, TelePsychiatry, MedTech and Virtual Clinics verticals for web and mobile platforms. Currently working on using Artificial Intelligence for proactive health management and meaningful use of personal health data collected via wearable devices.



Social Commerce is rightly termed as the NextGen eCommerce. We do most of our socializing and shopping online; it couldn't be better if your social platform allows you to shop what you need. We developed an innovative Social Commerce Platform - Tagzie, to bridge the gap between e-commerce and social media. Now you Buy and Sell securely from your Instagram, facebook, twitter and whatsapp feed. Simply use Tagzie app and enter the world of Social Commerce with a full suite of features to buy and sell in all major countries.

Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Integration

Having done 900+ implementations of payment gateway APIs at various levels with Paypal and Stripe integration, Paypal business account setup, Stripe Connect setup, in- App Purchases, Authorize.net, WorldPay and also direct integration with merchant accounts of various banks, we are confident of providing the right payment solution per your needs. We are adept in payment gateway integration of any level; standard, adaptive, connected accounts, refunds, pre- authorization & split payments.

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