Linking Technology
with Business

Although we are a tech driven agency at core yet we understand that digital products should be very simple and easy to use, if they have to compliment human efficiency.

Our digital solutions are in-sync with this belief.

We love to work on latest cutting edge technologies

Your business growth is paramount to us and for that we choose the right blend of latest tools and technologies.

  • MEAN and MERN

  • React Native/ Flutter

  • AWS Stacks

  • Python/ Django

  • Tokbox/ Vonage API

  • Stripe/ Apple/ Google Pay

  • Mailgun, Twilio API

    and many more
Latest Technology

Struggling to choose the right tech stack for your project?

Book an obligation free, 30 minute call with our techie, you can thank us later.

Our reputation is more than just a tech service provider

Our team has helped clients implement the latest, high performance and cost effective technology stack for their web/mobile applications.

Scott Bernard

Scott Bernard
Founder, E-psychiatry

Dr. Bernard is a valued client and is working with us since 8 years now.

"Prologic Technologies supported design efforts and led development for our Custom Telepsychiatry Platform.

They come up with intelligent ways to achieve our end goals within the context of extremely complex programming."

“I honestly believe that I would not be in the business I'm in today had I not met Prologic Technologies.

Prologic Technologies kept the project moving (and on budget) through constant communication. Their ability to translate ideas into implementable, on-time deliverables were hallmarks of their work.”

Christopher Jenkins

Christopher Jenkins
CEO, Gotcha Mobile Solutions

Chris and Prologic always had each other's back. We cherish working with Chris.

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