Difference Between XML and HTML Sitemaps

XML and HTML Sitemaps

What is a sitemap:

Sitemap is a way of informing Google and the other search engines about web pages of a website so that they can discover its pages and index them. A sitemap should specify all major webpages and sub- pages in a given website, this helps search engines to navigate your website easily and index them. There are two types of Sitemaps i.e. XML and HTML Sitemaps.

Difference Between XML and HTML Sitemaps

Most of the people remain confused about which sitemap is better. A sitemap should be selected according to the purpose of the website for better results. Let’s have a look at the difference between XML and HTML sitemaps.

Designed for different purpose

  • XML and HTML Sitemaps are designed for different purposes. XML sitemap is specially designed for the search engines as it is submitted to the webmaster tools for crawling the website. Whereas, HTML sitemap is designed for humans as they can clearly see it on the website as a web page and all the visitors of the website can make use of it to easily navigate and understand the website.

Automatically gets updated

  • Another major difference between XML and HTML Sitemaps is an automatic update. Since, HTML sitemap is designed for humans for navigation purpose only, it cannot be updated automatically. An XML sitemap is designed for search engines which can be updated automatically by setting up a frequency. This is helpful in linking the new posts with the webmaster tools automatically.

These are the two major differences between the XML and HTML Sitemaps. Should a user use XML or HTML sitemap is the most common question asked by many web developers. A user should use both the sitemaps in order to obtain better results. Let’s have a look at the benefits of using both the Sitemaps:

Connects your web pages

  • The foremost advantage of having a sitemap is to connect your web pages with the search engines. Posting regular content on the website is of no use if it is not visible to the visitors. Whenever, you create a new web page you can use the XML sitemap to inform the search engine. So, you need an XML sitemap to regularly connect your web page with the search engine so that you are able to interact with the visitors.

Improve your SEO ranking

  • Having an HTML sitemap makes the website user friendly, as a user can easily navigate the whole website without any problem. For example, if the user is not able to find a specific page on the website then he can make use of the HTML site map and easily access that page. This helps in improving SEO rankings as the every user visiting your website will be satisfied.

It’s better to use both the Sitemaps for better ranking of your website SEO rankings and helping both visitors and search engines in best possible manner.

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