How UI/UX determines Success of digital products

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When we talk about digital design, we have seen the use of terms like UI & UX. They are used interchangeably many times, yet they both are quite different from each other. While UI determines the visual look of the design, UX determines its working.

Difference between UI/UX



People generally fail to realize that UI & UX are two different aspects. While UI or User Experience is the graphical interface of your product that includes layout, visuals, buttons, texts, etc. UI on other hand determines how your product (be it a website or mobile application) looks like.


Whereas, UX or User Experience is more about the feel and experience of customers while interacting with your product. Though both UI and UX are used together, they both are totally different aspects of designing strategy.

Features of UI/UX

UI UX features

An astounding customer experience implies that your product is easily usable. If you want your customers to keep using your product and further recommend it to others, you must provide them with the experience they seek in a digital product.


Some essential features of UI UX product success:



It is among the highest-rated factors that a digital product must have. The applications, website, or any product ought to be basic in color and visually depicted.

For instance, Whatsapp is the most famous messaging application. It has a basic layout and a simple design.




Clarity is yet another significant quality of any digital product. The sole motivation behind your product is to encourage clients to connect with your platform. To accomplish this, it’s pivotal for your product to interact clearly with the users. In case your clients can’t accomplish clarity they may feel diverted and desert your product. To improve clarity you must include a tagline or CTA buttons or any other action.


Feedback & Response Time


Feature of Feedback and Response time plays a crucial role in determining the success of any product. Feedback allows customers to provide valuable insights into the business.


The response time of feedback is additionally a key factor. Perhaps, a response time of 2-10 seconds is considered best for an exceptional user experience.


User Assistance & Helpuser assistance


Another component that makes your item easy to use is the User assistance and Helps feature. It provides essential information when something goes wrong abruptly or when customers get stuck. User assistance or guidance provides users with the essential steps to be taken to resolve the problem.

Why is UI/UX Important?



Studies proved the acceptance and denial of any product up to 94 percent depends on its design. This signifies the extreme importance of UI UX for product success. As the concept of eCommerce is acquiring prevalence nowadays it becomes mandatory for businesses to provide ultimate UI/UX to their customers. Since various alternatives are in reach of clients, they would ultimately choose the one that is easy to use and meet their demands.

How it Impacts Business?

impact on business

In the current time, there is an enormous growth in social and eCommerce platforms, generating billions of revenue every year. The Internet has now become a one-stop solution for shopping, entertainment, information, and various other aspects of our daily needs.


For achieving great success in online business, an easy-to-use product is an absolute necessity.  It will provide clients with the desired user experience. Any website that is too perplexing and troublesome will drive away traffic. Perhaps, user experience is the main aspect that would determine the fate of your product.


  • Through great UI/UX you can win the certainty of your clients. The more satisfied a customer is the more chances he/she will become a recurring customer.


  • Your website or application represents your brand. Therefore, it will assist you in standing out from your competitors in the marketplace. The innovative and appealing design could help your move forward in the highly competitive digital world.


  • The point of UI/UX is to introduce a streamlined plan and experience to the clients for their satisfaction.


Final Words

User acceptance is the ultimate goal of any product, service, or project. Businesses who successfully deliver positive experiences tend to gain a large number of loyal and recurring customers.

Loyal customers can also advocate for your brand. Therefore, a product with high user acceptance is more likely to be recommended by others.

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