Role of CTA in Marketing Strategy

Role of CTA in marketing

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Among the major objectives of marketers, generating leads and converting them into paying customers holds significant importance. As the number of online competitors has risen in the past few years, it becomes problematic for businesses to retain potential customers.


The challenge that digital marketing professionals often face is to hold the attention of customers enough to turn them into a customer.


The solution is CTA (Call To Action), CTA when done right increases the chance of attracting & generating more leads.

What Actually Is a CTA?

Role of CTA in marketing


A CTA (Call to Action) can be a line of text or image that grabs the user’s attention and compels them to take an action. It literally is a call for visitors to take action.

CTA’s can be placed anywhere on your web page depending on the spot you think would be best. However, one secret of framing a compelling CTA is to add a feeling of urgency & fear of missing out.


Ignoring the importance of CTA in your marketing strategy would be considered foolish and result in losing money and potential customers.

Benefits of CTA

Role of CTA in marketing


CTA is responsible for converting leads by boosting CTR (Click-Through-Rate). Since CTA is an inseparable part of a website it guides users with the very next step.


Stats says, 90% of people who visit your website have a look at your CTA. A perfectly crafted CTA tells your customers what to do next and bound to increase your conversion by 120%.


How to Effectively Use CTA In Marketing

Role of CTA in marketing


According to a study by Nielsen Norman Group, a visitor sticks around for 58 seconds on a website. If you failed to grab the attention of visitors in that small frame of time, you’d possibly lose potential customers.


A proactively engaging CTA at the right place would come in handy in holding the attention of users.


Below we have shared tips to effectively use CTA:

Use Targeted CTAs

Role of CTA in marketing


Using a targeted CTA includes three methods:


  • Relevant Campaign –

CTA used in websites is mostly to engage visitors by using their interest and behavior.

  • Intent Targeting –

Among the most effective ways to engage visitors with customized CTA. It’s possible only with intent targeting, where you know all information & action about your visitors.

  • Target Based on funnel –

By connecting with your audience through email marketing tools you can target the right customer. Moreover, you can engage visitors at every stage of the marketing funnel.

Pay Attention to Visual Design

visual Importance in CTa



Experts say color plays a significant role in inspiring emotions, therefore choosing the right color for your CTA holds an important place in your marketing strategy.


Using contrasting colors can help in creating outstanding CTA 


However, you must make sure that the color you use should match with the overall design of the website. A well-strategized CTA can increase your conversion rate multiple times.

Right Placement of CTA

Role of CTA in marketing


Finding the right spot for CTA on your webpage plays a significant role in your marketing strategy. Now, when more customers are getting familiar with mobile devices, the position of CTA highly depends on what you are trying to sell.


In case your product or service is straightforward, you can simply place CTA above the fold. However, if your product or service is complex and requires a more detailed explanation, placing a CTA at the bottom would be more effective

A/B Testing of CTAs

A/B Testing


Running A/B testing to try different combinations that could attract your customers & determine the effectiveness of your call-to-action. It’s certain that different people have different reactions to the same CTA.


So, you can use various tools available in the market to run A/B testing and determine the effectiveness of CTA on your webpage, landing page, etc. Hence, performing A/B testing holds a significant role in CTA marketing.



Highly strategized CTA can actually double the conversion rate and generate more potential leads. While various other marketing techniques would cost you a fortune to achieve desirable results. CTA is the highest ROI technique for any online business. Measure, Analyze, and Test your CTA several times to achieve better results.


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