Role of Telemedicine in Fitness and Wellness

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Today’s hectic lifestyle has led to an increased nutritional imbalance in our body resulting in recurring incidents of deficiency and lifestyle diseases. Month of May has been designated as Global Employee and Fitness month and is an apt time to discuss the Role of Telemedicine in Fitness and Wellness.

With Telemedicine facilities available at low cost and accessible through mobile and tablets, its popularity is evident and people are now looking at Telemedicine as a preferred means to ensure wellness of their family as a whole.

Another advantage of Telemedicine platform is that it facilitates an effective healthcare consultation with doctor of your choice, without scheduling a physical visit to fitness/ wellness clinic. Doctor/ Health Coach can digitally access your current health condition, parameters and lab report to suggest remedial measures.

A physician can provide real-time consult to patient sitting at a remote location (home, office etc.) through video conferencing, thus simulating a clinic/ hospital visit. This has led to significant cost and time savings for patients.

When seeking medical treatment or fitness checkups results in time off / sick leaves at work, many employees may simply opt not to seek treatment at all or delay it as much as one can. Telemedicine can be a boon in such situations by facilitating an online consult during working hours or lunch breaks. Corporate can introduce virtual health consults as one of the employee benefits and Telemedicine can serve as a vantage point in their employee wellness program. Fusion of wellness activities into the corporate health program can escalate the company’s productivity and reputation.

Contribution of Telemedicine in Fitness and Wellness

Telemedicine has brought significant transformation in healthcare practices and has a huge potential in Wellness and Fitness domain. This new domain has gained popularity for it addresses personal and routine fitness needs of an individual as well whole family.

There has been an increasing demand for remote fitness and wellness consults around the world. Listed below are some major contributions of Telemedicine in personal healthcare domain i.e TeleNutrition:

1. Convenient Care for Elderly/ Disabled

Telemedicine innovations and better telecommunication capabilities are bringing healthcare services to patient’s home. Remote audio- video consultations and vital monitoring can address general fitness issues for elderly/ disabled patients from the comfort of their homes. Without having to commute and wait in a queue at clinic/ hospital, elderly and disabled patients can have a better and personalized fitness/ diet consultancy.

2. Weight Loss and Dietary Consultations

Obesity is a major factor for various chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. On the rise, this health condition has affected many people worldwide. Prudent and cost-effective solutions are being sought through via TeleNutrition applications. Counseling through video conferencing and self-monitoring applications integrated with remote monitoring digital devices can automate your vital measurements leading to effective weight loss consultancy.

3. Patient-Centric Care

Telemedicine provides absolute privacy and personalized care from the comfort of your home. With factors like zero travel time, cost- effectiveness of telemedicine consults and ease of appointment scheduling round the clock; Telemedicine is a truly patient centric technology. Patients can ask one-on-one questions from physician at their convenience. Use of Telemedicine solutions enables a systematic and regular diagnose with consistent follow-ups; leading to effective fitness regime and better diet consultation.

4. Personalised and Holistic Wellness Coaching

Telemedicine via remote video consultations and digital device monitoring has opened up the space for an effective personalised coaching for individuals and their families. You can now seek consultations from best coaches in the industry without having to travel to their clinics or fitness centres. What great time and cost saving with the benefit of have the best of class fitness and wellness consultation. Regular diet logs, goal tracking and consistent follow-up reminders are integrated with Telemedicine Fitness apps, leading to a better and effective wellness regime.

Expensive conventional healthcare is being transformed into an extremely patient-friendly and cost-effective alternative i.e. Telemedicine. Realtime video consults between patient and doctor using an telenutrition web or mobile application is now being used in various medical facilities. Undoubtedly, such innovative telemedicine technologies have improved the lives of patients and enabled them to participate directly in their own healthcare and at their own convenient time and location.


Role of Telemedicine in Fitness and Wellness has enhanced accessibility for different types of patients. Having a remote fitness and wellness consultation for elderly, disabled or even for the whole family by best of the coaches located anywhere in the world, is now a reality. Personalized coaching and goal planning by best dieticians across the country or world, has not only reduced the cost and time for fitness consults but have made it more accessible than ever.

Prologic Technologies is among the most promising Telemedicine Solution Provider and have created customized Fitness and Dietary Consultation TeleNutrition platforms, integrated with goal tracking, diet logs and automated follow- up consultations with a dietician of your choice. Such bespoke TeleNutrition Applications can be instrumental for Individual Dieticians and Fitness Clinics helping them attend to more clients, increasing their reach and revenue.

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