3 Ways Voice Assistance is Shaping Consumer Behavior

voice assistance

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Voice assistance can perform a variety of actions on hearing a wake word or command. Like turn on lights, answer questions, play music, place online orders, etc.

Also, these Voice assistants are technology-based and are not to be confused with virtual assistants, which are people who work remotely and can therefore handle all kinds of tasks. As voice assistants become more robust, their utility in both the personal and business realms will grow as well.

3 Ways Voice Assistance is Shaping Consumer Behavior

It Makes Life Easier

  • Can multi-task easily.
  • Can do things faster using Voice.
  • Get instant answers & information.
  • Makes daily routine easier.

It’s Now the Center of Your Home

People have voice-activated devices at the CENTER of their homes where everyone can access them. Thus, virtual assistant is always available for a quick answer.

It Offers Technology with Human Touch

People are engaging with their voice-activated devices as if they were human. They’re saying “please,” “thank you,” and even “sorry.”

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