Role of IoT in Healthcare Industry

IoT in healthcare

Reading Time: 5 minutes Before the inception of IoT in healthcare patients’ interactions with doctors were limited to visits, phone calls, and text messages. There was no way for doctors or hospitals to monitor patients’ health on a regular basis and offer suitable suggestions. […]

How Internet Of Things Works?

Reading Time: 4 minutes To understand how the Internet of things works, we must understand what it’s actually is.   Internet of things is a set of inter-related devices that have unique identifiers & the capability to transfer data over a network without any […]

Benefits of Chatbots For Business

Chatbots for business

Reading Time: 4 minutes Chatbots since their inception has received massive adaptation & appreciation. There are multiple benefits of chatbots for businesses like providing innovative ways for businesses to engage with their customers and communicate with the world.   Chatbots are gaining popularity and […]