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Prologic Technologies, founded in 2010 and based in India, assists Global Startups, Individuals, and SMEs in developing bespoke digital products for Web, Mobile, and Voice platforms.


Regardless of account size, the culture at Prologic Technologies revolved around excellent customer service since its inception by creating innovative and useful digital solutions.


They’ve created 350+ bespoke web applications, 30+ hybrid, and native mobile apps, 20+ telemedicine solutions, and 700+ UI/UX for web and mobile. We develop solutions with a strong emphasis on User Experience and Customer Needs, resulting in higher User Acceptance of the final product.


Working closely with customers throughout the assignment development process allows them to develop valuable and meaningful solutions. To learn more about Prologic Technologies and its services, the GoodFirms team interviewed Rajiv Sikka, its founder, and CEO.


To begin the interview, Rajiv states, “With a client base spread across the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe, we are proud of the unwavering support we provide during product development and after delivery.” The point is that 80 percent of our business comes from referrals from existing clients attests to our high-quality service and enjoyable customer experience.


He goes on to say that as the Founder and CEO of Prologic Technologies, he (and his team) have assisted many US, UK, and European startups, Small and Medium Enterprises, and Entrepreneurs in Launching, Building, and Growing their Online Businesses. With a proven track record of providing excellent customer service, developing long-term client relationships, strong work ethics, and an eye for detail.


He specialize in designing and developing end-to-end bespoke Telemedicine and eCommerce platforms for the US, UK, and European markets, having over two decades of experience in IT consulting, design, and development of digital solutions for Web, Mobile, and Voice.


Rajiv continues by telling the story of the company’s inception. He claims that it all started in 2008 when he began working as a Project Manager for a software company and realized that he was following instructions to build products to specifications, with nothing innovative, meaningful, or valuable for the end-users.


Against all odds, he began recommending some innovative and out-of-the-box measures to clients, which helped add the missing WOW factor to their projects. With his user-centered strategy working well, he quickly became the most sought-after project manager capable of dealing with the company’s most challenging and demanding clients.


Rajiv felt immense Joy and Happiness whenever he addressed the needs of clients through meaningful and result-oriented solutions that end users would appreciate.


One fine day, his wife inspired him to start his own business the way he had always wanted to, abandoning all conventions, inhibitions, and fears; thus, Prologic Technologies was founded in 2010 with the belief system of “User Centered Approach with Out-of-Box Thinking.” Since then, they have been laser-focused on developing high-quality, innovative digital solutions that end-users find meaningful.


Rajiv discusses Prologic’s business model, stating that he has a full-time team in Business Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Quality Testing, Web and Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, and Human Resources.


With a solid tech background and as a die-hard techie, he along with his team are pretty confident in working on complex and challenging projects and delivering them with very high client satisfaction.


Every project they take on is a learning experience in which they apply previous experience to produce a better result. Prologic Technologies is prepared to meet changing times and customer demands.


Prologic Technologies’ Web Application Development is driven by innovation and Design Thinking. They create engaging User Experiences for Web Applications and ensure that they are optimized for greater User Acceptability and Intuitiveness.


Thus, working with such dedication and efficiency, the GoodFirms researchers believe that Prologic would soon get embellished as one of the leading website development companies in India at GoodFirms.


Finally, Rajiv mentions that they address their issues and queries using project management tools such as JIRA, Trello, Basecamp, Mantis, and Google Sheets.


The project’s stage and timeline determine their turnaround time for each issue/query; for example, advanced and nearing completion projects usually involve more active communication than those in their early stages.


Active listening and weekly client follow-up assist in satisfactorily resolving their queries and issues. They also offer feedback based on industry experience wherever they see an opportunity to add value to the process and solution.


Having read the above-mentioned excerpt from Rajiv’s interview, one can also go through the detailed interview at GoodFirms.

Written by – Anna Stark, a staff writer with GoodFirms. Her current role includes gauging companies’ performances and their key attributes and putting them into words.


Curated By – Prologic Technologies

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