How To Create Clean Designs

Clear design

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clean designs


Your website is at the forefront of your business. If it doesn’t have an engaging design, users might don’t like to spend time on your website. Chances of engaging users are less if you fail to provide a clean design.


Researches say around 48% of users determine business credibility through their website design. In order to have higher revenue and sales, you must need those visitors to revisit your website.


Keeping your website design clean & uncluttered is the key. Let’s have a look at how to create a design that is clean:

Less Is More

Following the principles of minimalism can significantly enhance the usability of a website. Use of white space, contrast, typography, & simplicity are some essential components of minimal design.

Keep It Simple

A simple design is key to success in modern business world. Keeping design simple doesn’t mean it should be mundane. Try to communicate your ideas clearly & concisely. Users appreciate when they find information quickly.

Less Color

Using a well thought color palette that matches your brand will go a long way. Avoid overpowering your design with too many colors & help users to focus on the right areas.

Super Clear

Be specific & clean with your words. Use short sentences & paragraphs to put up your content & avoid confusing your audience.

Max 2 Typeface

Don’t try to choose more than 2 typefaces for your website. When you do that & limit it to 2 typefaces, your design stays clear & uncluttered. Moreover, it becomes easy for users to go through the content easily.

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