Prologic Technologies Recognized among Top 150 Creative & Design Agencies in India

Prologic Technologies Recognized as Top Creative & Design Agency in India

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We are proud to share that Prologic Technologies has been recognized as Top 150 Creative & Design Agencies in India, by Clutch.

Behind the Scenes

At Prologic Technologies, we know how hard it is for businesses to think and plan everything their client needs. When it comes to designing digital solutions, so that they look, feel and function just right; it can be much, much harder than it initially appears.

That’s why many publications suggest hiring an expert. But not just any expert; it should be a team that works well with your existing workflows, who understands your business’s pain points and will take your most important products/ services with appropriate trust and care.

That’s where Prologic Technologies comes in!

Its Show-Time

We’re ranked as one of the top creative and design agencies in India according to Clutch. Clutch- The B2B market research firm puts together ranked list of Top Creative and Design Agencies in India that demonstrate a high tendency to perform according to their own clients’ honest evaluations.

That means that according to our customers, we’re one of the best design agencies in our market! Given our competition, that’s no small feat.
“Another Year and Another Accolade. Thanks a lot Clutch. It means a lot to be part of this shining community”, says Rajiv Sikka, our Founder & CEO.

Here a snapshot of our portfolio.Prologic Technologies Portfolio
Click here to view our complete Portfolio

The Buck Stops here

Winning this award among others means the world to us. But it doesn’t mean that we’ll stop striving for excellence in products we create for our customers. Our desire to create quality creative designs means that this award isn’t the end goal, but another step in our path towards success.

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