Role of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps

Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps

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Artificial intelligence has disrupted almost every industry and refined the way we perceive and use technology. Mobile app industry is no different, developers are making use of artificial intelligence to improve the overall user experience, engagement, and conversion rate for the business.


Gone are those days when mobile apps used to be a piece of software to assist in any particular task. Now, with the help of AI, apps can even understand and assist users.


Businesses who still ignore the use of modern technologies like Artificial intelligence And the internet of things will leave behind in the tech race.


In this post, we will share the role of Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps.

Personalization of Mobile Apps

mobile apps


Artificial Intelligence has improved the way users use mobile applications. With the help of AI and deep learning techniques, it becomes easy to understand what goes into their head and what uses are interested in.


Availability of these analytics and insights help in making better decisions and allow to offer more personalized services to users.


Netflix, the most popular streaming platform uses artificial intelligence to provide the most relatable programs for its viewers. They utilize the history of the past view of users and with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence, determines the interest of users.

Retail Assortments


Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps

With the help of artificial intelligence, retail sector can design the layout of the store and can achieve a better understanding of product placement. There is a specific way in which we purchase and it stays the same in both online and offline mode.


Artificial Intelligence would assist in understanding the way in which users shop and help in designing the layout accordingly. For instance, if bottle of conditioner is placed next to shampoo, high chances that you might be able to sell both products.


The idea is to connect customer purchasing behavior with the actual way they make a purchase through an algorithm.

Extends Customer Support

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Artificial intelligence can help small online businesses to enhance their customer service. With the inclusion of Chatbots in mobile apps it’s easy to connect with your customers in real-time.


Bots can act as your customer support executive and help customers with the information they were looking for.


For example, if you get a new query and all your executives are busy, you can use chatbots to engage customers for the time being. In case, both resolve the query of the customer, you will be saving a lot of resources and time.

Fraud Detection

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps


Safety & security play an important role if customers won’t trust you enough with online transactions, they probably choose your competitors over you.


By implementing artificial intelligence you can detect anytime a fraud is likely to occur. Not only will it assist in fraud detection but also connect with customers to report the same.

Improved Search Experience

mobile search experience


It’s the prime responsibility of online stores to offer key search results in accordance with the requirements of users. Let’s say if any user entered a wrong spelling, still, the integrated search engine of the app should be able to detect it and offer relatable results.


To achieve this, you will need artificial intelligence along with machine learning to study all the possible wrong keywords and the way in which users make a search.

Real-time Decision Making 


Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps

Artificial Intelligence along with IoT significantly assists in gathering real-time data from all the devices installed within an organization. Having quick access to real-time data helps in increasing the intercommunication among different teams within an organization.


IoT devices like smart sensors has proved to be highly effective in the manufacturing and retail industry.


Smart sensors send real-time data into mobile, on the basis of gathered insights, artificial intelligence applies Algorithms in real-time. This eventually helps businesses to furnish and grow further.


Though it’s just the inception phase of artificial intelligence. It’s expected that AI will further ramp up mobile apps in the upcoming years.


The businesses incorporating artificial intelligence in mobile apps will have long-term benefits. They can be assured of exceptional experience to their customers and eventually better conversions.


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